Rosalynn Carter, outspoken former first lady, dies at 96


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I can see Mr Carter joining her soon as no doubt his heart has died with her.

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What a wonderful and kind person she appeared to be. As is her husband. Condolences to the family.

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We shouldn't disrespect the dead. I guess Jimmy Carter was unable to be at the death of his wife after all those years together. He'll die soon from a broken heart.

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Consider her husband has been in hospice care expecting to die any day and instead his wife dies first. It is just awful. Please have some respect for her and for her husband who must now ache for his own death.

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Please do not turn this into another nasty series of escalating arguments on subjects utterly unrelated to the death of this fine woman. Please.

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It is, but it doesn't describe Marxism.

It does.

It describes cultural Marxism, which is nothing like Marxism:


So, my original statement: The Democrats have nothing to do with Marxism.

None of their policies are Marxist.

Beg to differ…

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Our most grateful friend of America. She opened a new chapter of Sino American relations 1979. Termination diplomatic relations with Taiwan and recognizing People's Republic of China.

R.I.P. a dear friend !

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My wife recently died. I could not have put it better. The Carters left the world in a much better place than they found it.

You are right and definitely a sad and big heartfelt condolences to you and your family through this difficult time, very sorry for your loss.

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sad for your loss. Stay strong.

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RIP gracious woman, a Southern white Christian woman that lived her values, a sharp contrast to many these days with similar ethnic labels.

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“Rosalynn is my best friend ... the perfect extension of me, probably the most influential person in my life,” 

My wife recently died. I could not have put it better. The Carters left the world in a much better place than they found it.

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