Royal attack prompts big questions on UK security


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“You can’t blame the royal protection squad for a bunch of anarchists’ bad behavior,”

Let's start throwing the pejoratives around eh. Being angry at your government is not the definition of an anarchist.

"They say two thousand one zero, party over, oops out of time. So tonight I'm going to party like it's seventeen eighty nine."

Seriously, it is not going to take much for things to get out of control, not only in the UK but in many countries. Japan may end up not being such a bad place to be.

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Funny how Liberals always like to say things like "Don't attack the messenger" and bull crap like that but they certainly don't mind attacking someone who has absolutely nothing to do with whatever their anger is directed at. Was there beer involved in this incident? Were the pubs closed down and they had no where to vent their frustrations?

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Hope the performance staged at the Palladium helped take their minds off the hoodlums out in the streets and they took a safer route back the drive through town enjoying finer luxuries while the subjects get walloped into paying higher tuition fees.

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“I do think that the officers who were protecting their royal highnesses showed very real restraint... ” he said.

It's a shame that they did. They could have rid the UK of some its worst elements.

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They could have rid the UK of some its worst elements.

I don't know. They're pretty damn annoying, I'll grant you. But actually taking out Charlie and Camilla seems a bit harsh.

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Protesting students — some chanting “Off with their heads!” — attacked Prince Charles and his wife Camilla as they rode in their vintage Rolls-Royce to a charity event at a London theater.

So young, so priveleged, and yet so violent and thuggish.

What has happened to Britain?

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What is this thread, a sheep convention or something? Myself I am not at all anti-monarchy, as a Canadian I take the usual Canadian attitude that the Queen seems to be a nice lady so if she wants to be our Queen that is OK. But if you can't get the symbolism of people being told that the state has no money for them then meeting up with somebody whose life is paid for by the state, what exactly do you get?

By the way, whoever was in charge of Prince Charles' security should be fired immediately. And my first post was right, the party is over. The thirty year binge is finished, and the damage will get worse the longer it takes for John Q. Public and Joe the Plumber to figure that out.

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