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World's largest cruise ship sets sail


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At 2,000 feet long (365 meters), the Icon will be taking the title of world's largest from a Royal Caribbean stable-mate, the slightly smaller Wonder of the Seas.

So not that noteworthy, but more like an advertisement for this cruise line? Now THIS is how guerilla marketing is done.

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I am not one for cruises but this intrigues me.

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Cruises are more like floating Disney World and do not appeal no matter how big the ship is.

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The number of reported rapes and sexual assaults on cruises hit a new high in 2023, according to stats compiled by the FBI.

> There were 131 reported incidents in 2023 compared to 87 in 2022 and 101 in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic crippled the industry for about two years.

> But the actual number of incidents is likely much higher, experts warn. Nationally, two out of three sexual assaults go unreported, according to the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, and the 2010 Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act doesn't protect non-U.S. citizens.

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Getting on-off at every destination and sightseeing with 5000 people. No thanks.

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Cruises are more like floating Disney World and do not appeal no matter how big the ship.

Some are (like this one), and some are not. Let’s not generalize.

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I'm not generalizing. That is my personal opinion and will never go on a cruise even if it was free.

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I've cruised on the prior "Worlds Largest Cruise Ship" from the same line in the Caribbean. It wasn't for me. I was dragged along on a family reunion.

This specific line sales every night, so you'll not have any chance to enjoy night life off-ship. They dock somewhere between 6 and 10am, so it is possible you'll miss the morning ashore. In a 7-day cruise, I felt trapped on the ship. Some nights my GPS showed we circled all night. I asked the crew about it and they said it was to reduce the ship from rocking. I have to say, I never felt we were on a boat.

Many of the ship-board items are for kids and teens, unless you like gambling. I was only able to get off the the ship 2 days of 7 due to the mostly boring locations and beach days. Who gets on a cruise to visit a beach? Srsly?

Wallace, Royal Carribean cruises are tailored for families. These are not the singles-only cruises. It felt more like a bunch of middle-upper class families on a ship, though it never really felt crowded. Professionals with their kids and parents. They do a good job of scheduling so there's always places to be if that's your inclination - it is even possible to find quiet, semi-public places, if you want to be on-deck, but not around others.

Getting on-off at every destination and sightseeing with 5000 people. No thanks.

Every location has multiple available tours that you can pre-pay months ahead to enjoy. Of course, there's no guaranty that the weather will cooperate. Sailing without any wind is a problem.

At another destination, our "tour" was on a different island. We chose it mainly just to get to the other island and return quickly. It wasn't much more expensive than the normal ferry on the other side of the island where we docked, but no taxi was needed. No regret about that choice. Nobody else on the cruise left the tour and did their own thing like we did. Didn't see any other people for about 5 hours. I think the main draw for the island we docked at was shopping. Didn't even go into the town there.

Much of the cruise was spent with different family members playing games in one of the bars. After all, we were their to enjoy each other. We don't see each other every year, so it is nice to reconnect.

I probably read 2 books during the cruise, since the onboard surfing and gambling aren't what I enjoy. We had a nice suite with a balcony, so why not sit outside and enjoy the sea air?

Heard the spa treatments were great, if that's something you'd like. There's a jogging path laid out for the pre-8am people to use.

Pro-Tip for families: Arrive as early in the boarding process and bring your swimsuits to get on the different powered, water-based rides while everyone else is still boarding and before your luggage is delivered. This will get your kids the shortest line to the surfing area and other "ride" ship attractions for a few hours ... before the mandated lifeboat drill.

Of course, the food was good and plentiful. Between meals, only a few drinks were free. I understand they have a "drink pass" now that covers non-alcoholic drinks. Just swipe the stateroom card or use your smartphone app for access.

I've heard the Alaskan cruises (different cruise line) are great from family. With the tour packages, you get to skip all the junk once the tour gets going. Of course, the most desired experience sign-ups fill up early. Hiking on a glacier and belaying into a crevice is a memory I'll have forever.

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When I take a holiday I prefer to get away from people and one merit of the pandemic was that I could sit on near empty planes and drive on empty roads.

Aside from the dangers of infectious diseases what is the carbon footprint of such a hulk that carries people around for no particular reason?

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Japan can actually rent a couple of these ships to help house those who have been displaced by the recent earthquake.

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Can you imagine the horror?

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I agree with Wallace, oh yeah. That looks like hell on earth to me. I want a nice but of quite sometimes, choose when I fancy a bit of solitude. Blimey, not getting much on a bleeding ship like that.

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Like a huge floating apartment building. Noisy upstairs and downstairs neighbors and kids. No thanks.

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I've been on a few small cruses - 60 to 80 passengers, all passengers academic in nature, zodiacs astern to reach the shore, specialists aboard for lectures on what is to learned at the next stop; itinerary could change - we were almost hijacked once in Costa Rica, probably by drug traffickers - and they were fascinating. This would be like chaining yourself inside a gargantuan shopping mall.

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Egad! What a monster....I guess being a monstrosity helps being trapped with 7,000 other passengers but the only privacy you can find is probably still your cabin. I'll stick with terra firma locations where I can actually find natural locations for some isolation and privacy and not have to worry about rogue waves.

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Over the past years, there have been many serious problems with cruises.

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Cruises have made countless people very happy and will continue to do so. But it's fun to read the vacation snobs.!.

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Elvis is hereToday  05:11 pm JST

*Cruises have made countless people very happy and will continue to do so**. But it's fun to read the vacation snobs.!.*

And so what? Why does everyone have to like cruise ships just cause you do? Sounds like you're the snob.

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Cruises are more like floating Disney World and do not appeal no matter how big the ship is.

Do cruisers have roller coasters and a castle?

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Not my kind of holiday but I know a few people who go year after year, so each to their own.

As a feat of engineering it's incredible, and the dull, blurry picture above doesn't really do it any favours.


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Do cruisers have roller coasters and a castle?

Not that I recall, but they do have surfing, rock climbing, multiple water slides, overhead ropes, mini-golf, basket ball, and other court-sports. I think there's an ice rink that gets covered for other entertainment. Multiple movie theaters, and a little shopping with non-free restaurants for ice cream, pizza and burgers by brands American's would know on the Promenade. There's a high-end steak place too, if you want to avoid middle-class people with kids. I don't remember kids being any problem - there are parts of the ship just for them with arcades, bowling, pools, stuff for teens and the younger ones to explore while being supervised. They have this stuff down pretty well.

Most people on these cruises seem to have a good time. Plus the cost per night is usually cheaper than a 3-star hotel, at least on these huge ships.

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Soon enough there will be a big outbreak of something sickening hundreds or maybe even a thousand passengers and she will be re-named the "Icon of Disease" /:

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My wife keeps bugging me to go on a cruise. Frankly I had my share of underway time in the US Navy and am not impressed by what passes for seaworthy in the civilian world but she persists. Last week I had to make a visit to the local urgent care and on my way out encountered two co-workers I had not seen a a while. They had just gotten off a cruise ship in LA and drove all the way to our urgent care directly from the cruise terminal. Why? The wife had some sort of rash all over her body and the ships doctors didn't know what to do. Put all these strangers in a confined space with no medical screening. What could possibly go wrong? O_O Navy ships are obviously more crowded but hygiene, and vaccinations, are strictly enforced. Civilian ships? I'l give them a pass.

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There are hand cleaning stations all over the ship - at the top and bottom of every stairs/elevators. Stop picking your nose and wash your hands more.

Do you go to sporting events or the theater or other large events with 10,000 people? Ships are no different.

Heck. when you go to work every day, don't you wash your hands after being in public spaces? COVID taught everyone to watch where they touch, right?

But if you have fears and aren't vaccinated against the current strains of the big viral infections in the world today, please stay home.

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