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Royal etiquette for the Trumps' visit: Don't hug or kiss the queen


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The president and his wife Melania are not expected to make waves during the visit with the 92-year-old monarch. 

Ha! For all my affection towards Queen Elizabeth, she's a non-political actor. It's not like she makes laws or policy or anything. The very fact that it must be written that Trump is "not expected to make waves" says much about the unprecedented instability of this presidency.

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I bet the Queen can't wait until tea is over.

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That goes for both of them.

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Nice 1982 photo of Reagan and QE2 riding horses.

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Luddite and bass4funk, you are both wrong.

I bet the Queen is looking forward to meeting Trump and his wife. They’ll get on okay.

And Trump is looking forward to meeting the Queen. He’s always said his mother would be so pleased.

People need to calm down and stop turning everything into a fight.

The Queen has been talking and meeting with Prime Ministers and Presidents for a long time. She’s a class act. And until he ran for President, Hollywood celebrities and the Clintons etc had no problem with being with Trump at social engagements.

She’ll probably apologize for that bonehead incompetent Kahn, and the goons smashing pots and pans.

Domestic violence in the UK is up 20% during the World Cup so now that they choked, lets hope the hooligans and left-wing knuckleheads don’t take out their frustrations on people and property like they often do.

Melania looked stunning as usual.

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Nor was she miffed when Michelle Obama put her arm around the queen briefly. -- article

Nah, she just wound up giving a thumb's down vote for the Obama's (despite their incessant lobbying/begging) to attend to the social event of this year -- the royal wedding -- a move that effectively erased them from being A-list players on the globalist world stage.

Well played, your Majesty.

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