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Surge in arrests of foreign teachers in China

By Cate Cadell

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Heartening to see support for an often vilified profession. I feel that crackdowns will only increase as the tyrannical Xi increases his grip on the country.

From the horrendous Uighur concentration camps, to the Hong Kong crisis, make no mistake about it - the people don't count.

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Need more info, i.e. qualified teachers or "instructors" with little or no background / experience in education of the backpacker variety.

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I wonder what will happen when foreign teachers stop coming and their number in country is lower than the demand? I know China has been on the rise, but I doubt very much that Chinese will become the lingua franca anytime soon. Perhaps a large number of those who left HK back in 97 would be willing to go back to live and teach in the mainland. Lol, good luck with that.

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Obviously a purge aimed at ideological purity in the education system. Dictatorships don’t like the obedient worker drones being exposed to virulent diseases like critical thinking, individual liberty, human rights, or heaven forfend horrible infections like democracy and the rule of law!

It is much easier to manipulate a carefully crafted jingoistic, nationalistic and ideological brainwashed populace if they are never permitted to see any different viewpoint.

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The key thing here is that people are arrested for doing weed, which is LEGAL in ANOTHER country. So can we arrest Japanese who are 20 years old and test positive for alcohol? Do we collect urine from all young Japanese who come into the states, because laws are laws and American law is well WORLD wide. And for Chinese, well there is that communist related activity that keeps one from entering the states so background checks of ALL Chinese. Two can play this game.

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China has a right to aim for a country free of drugs

Drug taking isn't a human right

Read the article, China is conducting drug tests without legal pretext at both the homes of foreign teachers as well as places where they hang out.

These drug tests go back several months so even if they didn't take any drugs in China but consumed it in another country where it is legal they are still being send to jail before being deported.

I myself am a supporter of a drug free society but how are these proceedings not a violation of human rights ?

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quercetumToday 07:52 am JST

They are going the way of Singapore , which is ruled by similar draconian Chinese authoritarian ways.

Well Singapore is safe clean Country, its a good example for Western and Asian Countries to follow.

Mister XToday 04:06 pm JST

Again China is broadcasting very worrying signals concerning the violation of human rights.

Drug taking isn't a human right, drugs are regulated for reason they can be lethal.

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Again China is broadcasting very worrying signals concerning the violation of human rights.

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You are comparing this to Singapore?  I am not aware of any similar "crackdown" in Singapore of foreign nationals.  Not even with its very draconian anti drug laws does Singapore do random testing of foreigners.

This is another example of China reverting to a more authoritarian and nationalist form of government and system.  Many foreign companies in China are going to learn that the state still runs things and can shut them down at will.

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Government supported screwing over of English teachers! China wants to create obedient drones, so they can send out to the rest of the work and bring back useful intelligence.

The Chinese government is the real world equivalent of Marvel's Hydra.

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"There's tremendous pressure for them to keep things clean. It's all part of (President) Xi Jinping's idea to make sure that China can show a good face for the rest of the world," 

Arresting and deporting foreign teachers is always a good way to garner favorable attention from the rest of the world.

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They are going the way of Singapore , which is ruled by similar draconian Chinese authoritarian ways.

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Now we know what “belt” means in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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