Texas governor bars mask mandates for schools, other government entities


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What an idiot. At the University level, until students and faculty can prove that they have been vaccinated, mask mandates should remain because masks work.

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Love this guy, great move!

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Is he following the science?

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Yes, he is. If you want to get a vaccine and protect yourself, you can. If you want to wear a mask, you can. Leave other peoples' health decisions up to them. If you are vaccinated, what do you care about what other people do?

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At this point it will be unvaccinated, unsafe people killing each other. Or, in other words, Darwinism.

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Not so fast.

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Personal choice. Paranoid, stay home.

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There are jobs requiring vaccinations whether or not you want them. A brother in NY is in that position.

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Looks like the rest of the world will get more data about masks and vaccination effectiveness with USA creating so many test scenarios, so thanks i guess.

Here's an interesting read about why there was some confusion about masks within the scientific community.

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