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Rudd pledges Australia gay marriage bill if elected


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Working towards more equality should've been part of his job during the last couple of years, not just some campaign promise that will probably lead nowhere anyway.

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If Abbott - the failed catholic priest - wins, then there is no hope in hell of marriage equality laws being passed. Despite the majority of Aussies supporting the law change in polls.

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So why is it suddenly something, in 2013 (as if the issue hasn't existed forever), when his butt is on the line? All the opposition needs to do is say, "So will we".

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Aren't there more important things to worry about? Western governments around the world are throwing out wedge issues like this to distract us from the fact that the world is in a depression.

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Kevin Rudd will do whatever which will help to boost extra votes for election but he will not be taken action for what he promised and offered after election. It does not come from his heart and it come from his dirty brain for election. Kevin 747 is conman indeed. I regretted for vote him in 2007.

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