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Lavrov attendance sparks rift at European security meeting

By Andrew Gray, Francois Murphy and Ingrid Melander

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Lavrov wants to explain it to them.

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Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have a combined population of less than Slovakia.

Good thing they’re members of the largest most successful collective defense organization in history.

Even a sociopath like the Moscow moron isn’t going to step over that line.

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Putin doesn't even tell Lavrov when invasions are scheduled for tomorrow. No point in talking to sad grandpa.

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Mini-me’s mini-me is as welcome at an international security conference as a leper at a sex party.

He is a dogmatic talking head with no ideas and no influence.

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Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia have a combined population of less than Slovakia.

But Slovakia is irrelevant we hear recently.

And NATO nations opened their airspace so he could fly in! He threatened to not attend should they not allow him to fly a few days ago.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

Clearly a few representatives of certain countries are grandstanding, playing to the gallery and have lost their marbles.

Let the adults take charge. Lavrov has more to offer than an unchained melody of more-of-the-same.

(hint - certain countries want Russian gas and energy back)

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