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Russia and China trade new copper disguised as scrap to skirt taxes, sanctions


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Setup the secondary sanctions. This will have the added benefit of decoupling from China.

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why i am not surprised? typical chicom behaviors, neglecting all the rules and doing everything illegal, as long as it serve their own interest

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Important to note these sanctions are not backed by a UN mandate, thus no one is "neglecting all the rules". If anything, the sanctions themselves are illegal.

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Today 04:11 pm JST

Setup the secondary sanctions. This will have the added benefit of decoupling from China.

Before that, why don't you got though your things and get rid of everything containing parts or products made in china and stop buying anything that has any possibility of containing parts , processed, made, etc...in China!?

And tell us how that goes!

I say this because China is buying loads of other products from oil, gas to minerals and wood from Russia and all that is used to make the stuff that goes into your every day products!

Just because it says "made in Japan" "made in Malaysia", "Made in the USA,", etc.. doesn't mean they are 100% made in those places or contain 100% of the parts and material used to make them.

So if you are so for more sanctions against Russia or even China, then as an individual you should lead by example!

Good luck, odds are the wiring in you cellphone, the rivets on your jeans, etc..were made in China and may contain Russian copper!

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Russia & China - miscreants defined to a ‘T’…

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So, basically it is the sort of tax dodging...oops, avoidance, scheme companies pull all the time.

PS, you'll notice a lot a dearth of 'product of Israel' labels on goods headed outside the G7/White Bloc (and attempts to disguise Israeli linkages in products even WITHIN the White Bloc) Again, it's the sort of things companies worldwide do routinely to avoid negative feelings, whether the results of grassroots awareness or the artificially produced ones that propaganda and misinformation campaigns result in.

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“Scrap”. A very good definition of Russia’s economy.

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China has every rights to trade with Russia by all means and all reasons. China has no sympathy over Ukraine and the story of why they are waving sanctions to Russia!

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Setup the secondary sanction added benefit of decoupling from China.

The Boeing company is crying for losing Chinese market or maybe Apple very soon !

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chicom behaviors, neglecting all the rules and doing everything illegal.

What rules was that? Even the United Nations rules for sanctioning North Korea has been veto by Russia and China. The two countries made rules as well, both countries has veto power.

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The companies are avoiding both Chinese and Russian taxation and laws. The people in both those countries should be angry at the companies for stealing tax revenue.

The outside sanctions, if applied for national security reasons and national defense, are legal in each country that chooses to apply them.

Russia and China sanction other countries all the time - remember the pineapple sanctions against Taiwan last year? That's part of how China does business with the world. It is only bad, according to the CCP, when the restrictions are against Chinese wishes. Never the other side. Typical.

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