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Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter on spying charge


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ok and so what?

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Like China, Russia can arrest anyone anytime without any evidence. That's a nature of authoritarian states. It's the last place you want to live.

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Russia needs to prevent the truth from becoming known. That's a common state tactic during times of war. Oh ... but Russia isn't at "war", so what's their excuse?

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@Awa no Gaijin your illogical post never seem to amaze me. If some people had brains they would be dangerous! You made a statement and then contradicted your own asked question!!! He's a journalist doing a dangerous job- for the USA newspaper ! Obviously he opposes the Russia invasion *so why he's even there is questionable. ***BECAUSE HE IS DOING HIS JOB!!! THAT'S WHY HE IS THERE!! Is the light on?**

He's a journalist doing a dangerous job- for the USA newspaper !

So being arrested in Russia right now is hardly surprising.

Obviously he opposes the Russia invasion so why he's even there is questionable.

Perhaps a prisoner swap again ?

8 ( +10 / -2 )

Time for the US to start playing Rowdy Yates with a few of the, let's call them questionable, Russians resident there.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

The Fu, American have been warned not too travel to Russia, believing that his parents are Russian,gave him immunity,their are 10 of thousands of American living in Russia, content living under Russian rule,I use Pegman with GPS Coordinates to go on mission inside Russia Google US Department of State Russia Travel Advisory

-7 ( +2 / -9 )


5 ( +6 / -1 )

Obviously nerves are blank there. Everyone not 100% conform is declared a so-called foreign agent or even arrested as an espionage suspect. But on the other side, if someone has the courage and is intelligent and continues working under those extra sensitive war time conditions there, you just can’t bring up the idea of strolling through far away Yekaterinburg in Ural when your newspaper’s head office is in Moscow. Spy or not, you just have to have or develop a strong feeling to postpone any suspicious activities like such travels, regardless if they are related to your journalistic work or not.

-6 ( +0 / -6 )

Russia must not be satisfied being near the bottom of the world press freedom rankings. They want that coveted last place title, but they've got some competition in that.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

My grandfathers and grandmothers were born in Russia. They'd be embarrassed by Putin and his supporters. The Truth mattered to them.

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The Wall Street Journal, is run by The News Corporation, owned by Rupert Murdoch, and Rupert has a history of having to bribe his way out of the lies he has had his reporters and media personalities tell for him, Putin knows Murdoch is rich,though not as rich as he is, still filthy rich and will get him to pay up, or else have Murdoch continue to tell more lies to further weaken the US and west. Putin also owns a global media empire, and either sees Murdoch as competitor or a partner in distorting news to for Russia's benefit.

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The Fu, American have been warned not too travel to Russia, believing that his parents are Russian,gave him immunity

He was just doing his job. And he is accredited to report in Russia by Russian authorities.

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to target a specific city in the middle of nowhere that has no connection to Ukraine?

It's a very big industrial center in Russia. Much more productive than Moscow, for example. It seems u thought that it's a village where bears roam along the paths:))) The journalist knew very well where to go:)))) The man speaking native Russian had no problems in communication. A very useful person for spying.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

GiBoth Rupert Murdoch and Putin have used their global media empires to back Trump, maybe the US TrumpRepublican Party which has benefitted so much from the support Murdoch and Putin have given them and their candidates, it will be interesting to see the Repubs continue to side against the US, and which of their media champions, Murdoch or Putin they side with. The Repubs are probably waiting to see what position Biden might take, and then will take the opposite. The R's support Trump not the US.

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Why did he go out of his way to target a specific city in the middle of nowhere that has no connection to Ukraine?

Wall Street Journal is a business-centric newspaper. Business happens in all parts of a country. If he had a lead to follow, that's why he was there. Not exactly surprising.

Putin doesn't want the true state of the Russian economy to be revealed and his tool of choice is to lock up anyone who may share the truth. Seems Russia is learning from China about "Chinese Characteristics" for any truth. I.e. lies.

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