Russia calls on U.S. to 'be more active' to revive Iran nuclear deal


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Here's something to think about. If the US simply drops the illegal sanctions it imposed and rejoins the JCPOA as a fully compliant member, it can use exactly the same clause in the JCPOA that Iran invoked to move back to the General Safeguards of the NNPT to reimpose the legal UNSC sanctions on Iran.

It would allow Biden to gain his stated goals, so why hasn't he done it since he became President?

Well, firstly American politics.

Secondly, it's not just the illegal sanctions that Trump imposed that he'd be dropping, it would also be the illegal sanctions Biden and Obama imposed he'd have to drop to get the US into compliance with the JCPOA for the very first time.

And thirdly, like those who hired Cyber Ninjas to 'audit' the Arizona vote, Biden KNOWS that the claims that Iran has, or even wants to have, a nuclear weapons program are COMPLETELY BOGUS, but keeping the big lie going serves the actual, never stated goal.

Now, because Biden has never openly stated that his goal was protecting the only nuclear rogue regime in the ME, I can't state with certainty that that is why he won't take the obvious (And probably only viable) path to fulfilling ALL his stated goals, but it's blatantly obvious that that is one of the reasons for his refusal to be reasonable.

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Russia can't sell arms to Iran, if they don't have any money to buy stuff.

Iran can be Iran. The US doesn't need to engage or help them. They are free to live their lives, in Iran. It is only when they export their terror throughout the world, including other parts of the Muslim world, but also to the Americas and Europe where we consider them evil.

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