Russia charges all 30 Greenpeace activists with piracy


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I can't see the issue here. They commited an dangerous and illegal act without concern for international law on national property. Pretty open and shut.

(Personally, I disagree with endangering the Arctic with oil drilling and the like but c'mon guys - we have international law for a reason. It's damn Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace that give people that want to see the world a better place a bad name)

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There's one place that Sea Shepherd will never go.

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Trespassing, yeah. But piracy?

Imagine US commandos doing this to a protest boat.

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Well done again Putin leading the world, glad some one has the Balls to step up and make a point out of the eco fanatical nut jobs, next get those sea shepherd terrorists who flout international laws and throw their aces in the slammer too.

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The overkill charge of piracy just makes the Russian authorities that much more wrong. 60 percent might be a majority, but when only 60 percent support a government action, despite all the deference to authority we have all had drummed into us since birth, clearly something is wrong with the government action.

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