Russia Communists: Don't slight Stalin on his birthday


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A candle for each victim would really contribute to global warming.

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he was such a good guy

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Go Stalin, it's your birthday

Ain't gonna slight you cos it's your birthday

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This kind of attitude is really sad. Oh for the good old days of food rations, gulags and a bleak, grey, meaningless existence.

his drive to industrialize the Soviet Union

That was started in the 19th century, not by Stalin.

his victory over the Nazis

whose victory? who died?

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so that people could reflect on Stalin’s personality as a creator, a thinker and a patriot,”

When a tyrant's personal goals just happen to coincide with the goals of the people, its rather stupid to call him a patriot.

If by some oddity Hitler had offered Stalin his own dictatorship for the ensured destruction of Russia, I have no doubt Stalin would have sold Russia out. In Stalin's mind it was not about Russia, ever. It was about Stalin.

Thinker? Given. Creator? I think his destructions might outweigh his creations.

Nah. To hell with Stalin. He might have been the man for the job for fighting the Nazi's. If he had stopped there he might actually deserve some respect.

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yeah Stalin ! you go girl

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so that people could reflect on Stalin’s personality as a creator, a thinker and a patriot,

Just check out Stalin's Torch-men Order #0428. It paints a pretty bad picture of this scum, along with many other nasty stuff he is responsible for.

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His popularity has even risen in recent years amid a Kremlin-backed campaign to burnish his image as the man who led the nation to victory in World War II.

Hmm, yeah, cuz you know, like he didn't get in cahoots with the other despot over in Germany at the time.

We would very much like for any discussion of the mistakes of the Stalin epoch to be silenced today, so that people could reflect on Stalin’s personality as a creator, a thinker and a patriot

Yeah, patriots and patriarchs are human and often aren't perfect --but you know, killing, er, rather cruelly starving 10 million of your own and taking that grain and uhh, selling it to your fellow fas.. er socialists in Germany and Europe at large at the time was you know the right thing to do.

Hundreds of Communists on Monday laid flowers at Stalin’s grave on Moscow’s Red Square, and about 3,000 people attended an evening concert in his honor.

Classy folks everywhere, aren't there?

Most Russians—54%—have a high opinion of Stalin’s leadership qualities, according to a survey released Friday by state-run polling agency VTsIOM, while only 23% rate his personal character traits as below average.

Because the sheer anticipation of the NKVD paying a visit shows leadership. Marischal Zhukhov's comrades must have really agreed that offing them on the eve of an about face with nationalist Germany and thus entry into the war was quite indicative of leadership. I'm even sure the half million Soviet troops encircled by the Wermacht thought that the decision to stay in spite of Zhukhov's advice thought he was being rather leading.

Putin, like the Communists, has made efforts to rehabilitate Stalin’s image, lauding his drive to industrialize the Soviet Union and his victory over the Nazis as deserving of respect despite the human cost.

Yeah, a little betrayal here and there never hurt anyone. Not the least the 10 million starved to death nor the other millions who later faced the Wermacht after friends (well, all right, collaborators) became enemies.

Fear not, mr. Steel, your atrocities sit quite well with the image of a virile Russia.

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"The leader of the opposition Yabloko party,"

Um. The BALLS party? Anyone want to enlighten me on this?

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Hey Russia!! Stockholm called! They want their syndrome back!

My favorite thing about Stalin was the audacity to keep doctoring photographs after he killed his rivals. He was the pioneer of shopping photos to change history. I saw one set of pics where he successively removed like 5 guys after purging them one by one. Eventually, he was the only one left ... looking at a map or something. I suppose that having an early version of the eventual photo would get you sent to the gulag or something.

Hitler and Pol Pot built up cults really fast. Stalin was much more systematic. I can imagine a society that would admire and emulate such a man. I can also imagine not wanting to live there.

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To hell with Stalin.

I don't think he needs any thick clothing where he is now

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Hitler was a mere bairn next to this monster.

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Hitler was a mere bairn next to this monster.

The difference of course, is that Stalin got away with it.

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I think the extermination of millions earn one criticism irrespective of the day of the year. That's not to say that Stalin never did anything for Mother Russia, though I question people's sense of perspective.

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