Russia condemns U.S. human rights record


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What a conundrum for the radical left - Putin sends single mothers to gulags for dissent to his dictatorship but he's dissin' da man. That can't compute.

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Looks like the radical left have a new spokesperson. Use him well, he'll say the things you really want to hear.

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Not that ole Vlad has any stand, but …

" Russia also said the United States used human rights as a pretext for meddling in the affairs of sovereign states around the world,"

Ain't that the truth!

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It is the case of pushing the dog against the wall and no more ways to run, the dog will instead attack the chaser. Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela..... oh please turn around and prepare for the cracking of the mirror on this issue.

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Well there's a problem with that argument, T-Mack, because the US is not accusing Russia of things that Stalin did in the past.

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The treatment of Native Americans has been and remains shameful as hell, Stalin took under his regime ( est. 22 million ) and he took more lives than the Holocaust. The USA is as hypocritical with its human rights propaganda as any other sovereign nation...

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Russia??? Hahaha!! And who escaped to Russia to avoid persecution lately??? Hahahaha!! Russia?? Putin needs to see some old Rambo movies so he can get educated about what most of the world thinks about Russia!!! IMHO

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