Russia criticizes EU decision to arm Syrian rebels


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Russia doesn't do anything about North Korea. Russia has no right to point fingers at anyone.

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Putin hates this idea because Putin is himself the kind of leader who would shell his own neighborhoods if they strongly disagreed with his policies. He does not want a precedent that may come back to bite him when and if he needs to repress his own people.

This is also why China never supports this type of action.

I am happy the Europe will help bring down the Syrian regime. After what they have done to the people, they do not deserve to maintain power.

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Huge diplomatic pressures behind the scenes.

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Hey, hey, objection! The EU should not send arms to the rebels, but please do. The USS Russian will send arms. 100% employment in arms production and sales. P. S. Keep it a secret.

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Isn't this hypocritical, given that Russia is arming Assad?

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The Russian naval facility in Tartus is a military installation of the Russian Navy located in the port of the city of Tartus, Syria. In Russian official usage it is a Material-Technical Support Point (Russian: Пункт материально-технического обеспечения, ПМТО) and not a "base". Tartus is the last Russian military facility outside the former Soviet Union,[2] and its only Mediterranean repair and replenish

The US will leave Okinawa before Russia gives up Tartus. Plus the Syria people are winning (and uniting) against the foreign rebels.

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Russia is very well done to support the Assad government in Damsascus, he was the right man to fight international jihadism! Putin has a clear vision and defiance to do what is good for the world! The FSA was an international jihad camp for islamic terrorists to do all the cruel things to syrian people, their implication of sharia law was backed by those saudis kingdoms who despised human rights and women dignities! There was nothing to legitimate the FSA and their elements has don in the past two years, the west were just appeasing the Saudis and minding their own interests! If you dont agree what Putin has contributed to the syrian civil war:

Watch this:

The man wasknown as Khalid al-Hamad or Abu Sakkar and he is the commander of Baba Amr brigade in Homs, the brigade is part of the Farouq brigades. he was part of the FSA and the FSA understood what has happened! This is not a war for freedom but murders!

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Russia is right in this case. The EU and US push to arm the Moslem Brotherhood/Al Quaeda terrorists is insane and will come back to bite us.

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Isn't this hypocritical, given that Russia is arming Assad?

Russia and Syria signed these deals long ago. Plus, the surface-to-air missiles Russia is supplying can only be used for defensive purposes, they are of no use against the rebels.

Plus the Syria people are winning (and uniting) against the foreign rebels.

Yeah, Assad's popularity in Syria will be stronger than ever. And Syria is now clearly winning, beating the crap out of these foreign-backed terrorists. I wish the people of Syria a rapid recovery.

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Watch this:

George Galloway, Respect Party Member of Parliament, concerning the particular video:

"A named commander from Homs of the Free Syrian Army so-called, being paid for by British and American taxpayers, has himself, videoed as he cuts open the chest of a dead Syrian soldier... takes out his heart... and eats it as a cannibal" ... "What's going to become of Syria, if these people come to power in Damascus? Are you insane? Have you gone mad?!"

Sounds about right.

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I'm just glad it's the EU and not the US.

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