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Russia denies Ukraine conflict at 'stalemate'


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Of course Russia denies.

They deny anything and everything that doesn't suit them!

They deny terrorizing Ukrainians.

They deny destroying civilian infrastructure.

They deny deporting Ukrainians (children).

They deny their raping, looting, killing, torturing in Ukraine.

They deny, deny, deny ......

Every denial by Russia is nothing but cooking up more lies.

Ukraine prevails!

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"Russia is steadily carrying out the special military operation. All the goals that were set should be fulfilled," he added, using the Kremlin's term for its full-scale military intervention.

Yup, and the only progress they are making is losing troop lives and equipment.

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Russia denies Ukraine conflict at 'stalemate'

Who knows what the truth of the status currently is, or where things might go, but "Russia denies conflict at stelemate" makes me think things might not be going well for the invaders. Recall Putin, and the Kremlin claimed they were not going to invade Ukraine, instead were conducting a military operation. In other words, I don't think either side has great credibility but anything coming from Putin's Potemkin state needs to be questioned.

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Zelensky was given billions worth of game-changing Stingers, Bradleys, Leopards, Abrams, Himars, Atacms, Patriots and countless other high-tech NATO weapons and ammunition.

In your estimation, has any assistance sent to Ukraine helped to forestall the RuAF from running roughshod over the UA forces?

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If Russia is deny something, it is probably true.

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Russia denies Ukraine conflict at 'stalemate'

Unlike everything else that comes out of the Kremlin's propaganda factory, there may be some truth to this...

The truth is the Russians are getting their clock cleaned....just ask the sailors on the Moskva - the few that survived...

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Russians consider Ukrainian civilians to be their brothers and sisters 

They have a very weird way of showing their brotherly love. I don’t believe the Ukrainians feel the same way about the invaders and that is why Russia will not take the entirety of those four oblasts. That’s my prediction. Hold me to it. Do you have a prediction when the Russians will conquer those four? I am curious as to what your prediction is.

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pro Zelensky militants 

Armed Forces of Ukraine

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do you still prioritize spilling of blood both heroi and Russians in conflict which have no military solution?

Since you are a fiercely illiterate supporter of the invasion that is spilling that blood then you aren't really qualified to talk about peace.

Get used to being bogged down in Ukraine, like you were in Afghanistan, until you get bored of cheering on the corpse count and make a hasty retreat into your impoverished crumbling empire.

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Eastman - what is your prediction as to when Russia will take the entirety of the 4 targeted oblasts?

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Blacklabel - when you find yourself agreeing with the Russians and Chinese on these boards and supporting policies that benefit them, you might want to question why that is.

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The Russian military has already achieved close to 90% of its assigned objective, which is to clear Crimea and the 4 newly annexed provinces of pro-Zelensky militants.

So then to what do you attribute Russia’s inability to conquer the entirety of those four oblasts?

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Relax, Blacklabel. We won the first Cold War and we will win the second. It wasn’t cheap or quick to win the first one, either, but we prevailed over the USSR. Also, the RF is much smaller and weaker than the USSR was. Not our rival anymore.

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you don’t need to weaken someone who isn’t your rival who is already week.

‘Sleepy’ Russia? Simpin’ for the man is ‘week’.

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You’re in your neighbor’s house and they sure as hell don’t want you there. Get out!

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Russia is, or soon will be, more of a junior partner to China, so we will not just ignore their aggression any more than we will ignore Chinese aggression of our allies.

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What objective has Ukraine achieved? Zero. So “stalemate”

For starters, it repulsed the attempt to over run the capital. Its president is still in power. The plan to invade Odessa was thwarted. The Black Sea “fleet” is no longer operational in its namesake body of water.

And that’s just off the top of my head.

In addition, the UA pierced the Russian defensive lines and has made the continued occupation of Crimea questionable at best.

So, just because the UA is not rambling along the countryside like Dessert Storm does not equal a stalemate.

Of course this one would have given in to the Axis powers in WWII in the name of “peace”, so everything they say should be taken with a bill let of salt.

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What I mean by ‘not our rival’ is that our rival is now China. If these countries don’t want to lose the next Cold War, then they shouldn’t be starting one.

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Not a stalemate!

So says the double for the perhaps dead fascist dictator who, nearly 2 years and 200k plus dead (1/2 it’s front line tanks, the majority of the combat power of its Bkack sea “fleet”, etc., etc., etc.,,,) , has yet to achieve a single strategic objective of its “special military operation.”

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Classic stalemate. Will probably continue until the nuclear plant goes pop and large areas have to be evacuated. Then both sides will claim victory.

Until then, it will soak up military gear and cash and generate conflict levels of carbon emissions and human misery.

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Makes zero sense what you attempting to say.

your guy said Russia not even our rival anymore.

if so we can just ignore them and stop paying Ukraine to “weaken” them for us.

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The West didn’t pay all that money for a stalemate.

-4 ( +5 / -9 )

That Time magazine article was the beginning of the end.

-4 ( +5 / -9 )


Well many knew that for a long time and that story in Time is just top of iceberg.

More to follow/see my story from Die Welt above/

I believe that time when common sense and peace will prevail is not very faraway already...

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

What objective has Ukraine achieved? Zero. So “stalemate”

ukraine really seems they have no value to us anymore. Less and less Ukraine flags on X, more resistance to paying them again, less and less visible Zelensky.

media actually published that Time article, unheard of even 6 months ago to even think of publishing that.

So time to move on to our new “real” rival, China?

Who can the West pay to fight them?

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UA have no option just to talk about peace with Russia.

earlier better.

as in Czech are saying

Nouze naučila Dalibora housti...

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

Remember the whole lame justification for this being ok even if Ukraine doesn’t win is that “muh we are weakening Russia!”

you don’t need to weaken someone who isn’t your rival who is already week.

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something for heroi fans


source Die Welt/sure not paid by Putin/ so nou doubts about credibility.


Russia will prevail.

-7 ( +3 / -10 )


West did again same mistake-they have underestimates Russia badly,so here are consequences.

Russia will prevail,nas mnogo.

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

WHEN UA will prevail?

Let me reply-NEVER

have UA chance to win over Russia and defeat Russia?

Let me reply-NO

US as we knew from past is GONE dear discussion mates.UA have zero chance to win.UA heroi have no will to fight for Kiev junta and one little green man who lives in his own world of "UA victory".

be REAL.

its time to admit USA/west failure and defeat/again/.

still thinking that prolonging of this local conflict is better way than peace negotiations?

do you still prioritize spilling of blood both heroi and Russians in conflict which have no military solution?

do you still prioritize giving a good business to a few/Mr.Austin and co/and misery to a millions?

are these your "western values"?

Russia will prevail guys,I know many of you may not agree but look into facts and reality on the ground.

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