Russia 'finds drugs' on Greenpeace ship; new charges loom


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Good luck with that. Russia is a real police state, unlike the fantasy police states some people attach to Western countries.

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I kind of doubt that this is "anti-Western stance" by Russia, or that it will harm any ties. Greenpeace is regarded as a troublemaker by many people and are not exactly poster boys for the West. Many people think they may be getting exactly what they deserve.

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Maybe Putin thinks they are Sea Shepherd...

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The extremist activist liberal green-peace and drug facing the bully Putin create certain drama with twists and turns.

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Modern Darwinism hard at work....

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Green plant? Someone grassed them up?

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Some regimes aren't that much equipped with diplomacy skills. They excel in threats and intimidation.

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"Green plant? Someone grassed them up?"

Nah, the Russians are going to throw the book at them and dig up the maximum of charges possible no matter how frivilous. They are going to get hefty gaol terms I imagine, kind of a forgone conclusion when you wake the police state of the Russian bear, especially after we've seen Pussy Riot sent to work camps for similar activism.

Sympathy anyone?

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Greenpeace are ecoterrorists. Should be locked up.

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On Tuesday, Putin demanded a Dutch apology after the Netherlands briefly detained a Russian diplomat, with authorities hinting Wednesday they may ban the import of Dutch tulips and dairy products.

The Netherlands sent half a million flower bulbs to St Petersburg. Was that to pacify the outraged Russians for the behavior of a countryman that would not have raised an eyebrow in the mother land? Putin still does not get it [as a former KGB man] that he would have earned more respect for recalling a man who thinks he can behave with impunity for abusing children, parking violations, alcohol abuse. I find it hard to believe Putin is not aware of actions of his overseas diplomats. Protecting them filters down to himself and show him like he was and still is. Many Russians will be ashamed.

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Justice. Russian style.

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Odds of there being drugs on a Greenpeace ship vs. odds of Russian police planting drugs...

Could go either way, really.

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