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Russia furious over adopted boy sent back from U.S.


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This is why we cant have nice things; one idiot mother screws it up for hundreds of US families that adopt from Russia on yearly bases. A child is not a puppy; even if what the grandmother is saying is true (doubtful), this was certainly not the way to handle it. Try therapy perhaps? A 7 year old child that has to go through cultural shock might behave strangely. In any case, the mom is an idiot.

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Looking like angels, some must have been warped from maternal alcoholism, drugs, neglect, abuse. Failed by Russian society. How can they adapt to adoptive society?

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I understand the problem, but I can't say I understand Russia's solution...

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A child is not a puppy; even if what the grandmother is saying is true (doubtful), this was certainly not the way to handle it.

It's not the way to handle a puppy either. Poor kid.

Parenting means taking full responsibility, not simply enjoying the good bits and giving up when things get tough.

With the sweetest kids in the world, there are always times when things get tough. It's the parent's job to get through it.

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In Tennessee, authorities were investigating the adoptive mother, Torry Hansen, 33.

No mention of an adoptive father. Did the Russians allow a single mother adopt a Russian orphan? Well, then Russia deserves some of the blame.

Rather than waiting for the Americans to get their act together, perhaps they should screen potential adoptive parents the way China does. The Chinese protect their adopted children by requiring the parents be under a certain age, under a certain weight, etc. Plus, there must be two heterosexual parents adopting, not some crazy old bat who owns a lot of cats or a single male with "gender identity" issues.

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I think there is ample reason to believe that all sides are screwed up in this. I am not taking anyone's side until a lot more comes to light. But if you really want to come down hard on someone, it might be wiser to start with the young boy's real mother and father. Even the boy himself sounds like a real problem.

And I have to ask how often the boy was met by adoptive parents before he was actually given to them? Sounds like not at all, and if so, both sides are stupid.

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What a mess! Americans should start adopting all the unwanted children in America, and stop wasting their time trying to "save the rest of the world" start by saving your own kids first!

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The woman should have done the right thing by personally taking the child back to Russia and deal it properly.

She said she and her daughter went to Russia together to adopt the boy,...

Russia should never have let the woman and her mother adopt the boy much less a single person adopting.

This goes to show the woman and her mother should never be allow to adopt ever again due to how they handle this.

If the woman and her mother worried about their safety at home then why send a boy all alone in an airplane when other people lives might be at stake? The woman and her mother believe they got a raw deal so they acted irresponsibly where the boy was concern.

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Adoptive grand-mother:

“This child is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues,” the letter said.


Plus, there must be two heterosexual parents adopting, not some crazy old bat who owns a lot of cats or a single male with "gender identity" issues.

Call it cheap psychology.

Poor child, it's clear the American mother is ready to adopt a fish, but not a cat, a dog, let alone a child - they require patience and love.

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"Americans should start adopting all the unwanted children in America,"

They are, the problem is that the bleeding heart groups and lawyers have made it next to impossible, in places like the USA, Canada and most of the so-called developed countries it is now next to impossible do to "child rights, birth parent rights and state regulations" to adopt a child that is not an infant with a very clear consent form from both birth parents and than a "waiting" period during which time any of the birth parents can change their minds and in many cases they have, just to change their minds again, this is where the lawyer come in and the law suits begin.

Now all this said, I still think this family are complete idiots, when my EX walked out abandoning her 2 children my son was barely 5 despite the fact that she was never much of a mother to him, he still loved her and had a long and troubled time with it, tantrums a rage were not uncommon and I have to admit it was at sometimes trying on my patience but we all made it through and today hi is a happy and stable teenager (well as stable as any teenager can be LOL).

Parenting in no way comes with guaranties whether it is your own flesh and blood or adopted and 6 month for a child to adjust to and extreme change is by far not enough time.

I say we put every member of this family that had any involvement in sending this child back like this, on airplanes with one way tickets to a different destination each and no money, credit card or ID, to the poorest backwards regions of the world and let them figure out their own way back to the USA.

Also "the family paid a man $200 to pick the boy up at the Moscow airport and take him to the Russian Education and Science Ministry."

They paid some guy!!! Who the hell was this guy? How did they know they could trust him? Charges of reckless endangerment should be pursued just on this alone.

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