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Russia hammers Ukraine's power grid again and Kyiv's drones target more enemy oil depots


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All Ukraine needs is substations to continue the war against the fascists. There are even mobile substations that hopefully they can make use of.

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The US is suspending all other allies and redirecting them to Ukraine.

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Let's keep helping Ukraine to diminish Russia's refining capabilities! I would suggest targeting the Russian Shadow Fleet of tankers as well, but all in good time...

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VKS is certainly keeping them honest. Targets packages all over the country were hit including in the far west. Not just energy infrastructure but also AD postions and airfields being peppered with new and improved anti-airfield cluster munitions. They have also upgunned one of their main workhorses in the cruise missile department - the air-launched X101 - with the option of a tandem warhead double in size from the original. Also, more bad news for Kyiv regime forces as the massive FAB-3000 bomb with glide kit was dropped for the first time overnight on designated positions.

The main battlefront is shifting - granted not at a fast pace - but it's slow and steady wins the race from here. Territory is not the overriding factor right now; rather the all-important Loss Exchange ratio that will determine this fight.

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