Russia hits new virus death record as autumn surge persists


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This is what Freedom looks like

So Freedom also comes with this: Russia has recorded a new record-high daily death toll from COVID-19,

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So the headlines that Russians are rushing to Serbia for the the Pfizer and western-made vaccines is true? Sputnik V just not doing it for them? Mercy!

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This is what Freedom looks like.

But you were forced to write that.

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This is what Freedom looks like.

Freedom, LOL. This isn't freedom, this is the total abdication of responsibility towards its citizens by a government that's abandoning those citizens to the tender mercies of conspiracy theorists, internet trolls, religious superstition and their own inertia.

The Russian government doesn't give a damn about the "freedom" of its people. I guess in that way it's just reflecting the opinions of people not only in Russia, but worldwide, who don't believe in the notion that an individual has any responsibilities towards their fellow human beings, only "rights", and will hide behind anything and anyone, no matter how reprehensible, to avoid having to admit their own self-centredness.

The real take-home lesson in this article is this sentence.

"Authorities blame the steep rise on the country's low vaccination rate."

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The national coronavirus task force reported Saturday that 968 people in Russia died of COVID-19 over the past day — about 100 more daily deaths than were recorded in late September. The task force said more than 29,000 new infections also were confirmed in the past day.

Russia is behind a lot of the vaccine disinformation being spread worldwide, not a surprise there’s a blowback.

If they could focus on the well being of their own people rather than harming that of others , it would help!!

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An idealistic definition of freedom requires zero consequence. The consequences we see here prove this is not freedom.

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The real number is likely thousands more - you can't trust anything that comes out of the Kremlin-controlled media...

Asking Russians if they trust their government is like asking Ivana, Marla, or Melania if they trust their husband...

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Burning Bush

This is what Freedom looks like.

That's not freedom.

People aren't free from the virus.

We have laws that everybody has to abide by to help all of society. You have speeding and drink driving laws because you can affect others on the road. You can kill others.

That's why vaccine mandates are necessary. It's not because they help you, and the do. But they also help you not infect and kill others.

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Everybody gets what they want and no mandates are necessary.

But what about nurses, electricians, cleaners, school teachers, the police, bus drivers, etc. whose jobs require they come into contact with others? Images of all those jobs being taken up by those not concerned about the virus - not a pretty picture.

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Burning Bush

There's a simpler solution.

People afraid of the virus can triple vax, mask up and stay home, live off of Uber and Amazon and stay safe.

People not afraid of the virus can live like in 2019 and interact with the fellow human beings normally.

Everybody gets what they want and no mandates are necessary.

You don't get it. People who aren't afraid of the virus aren't immune.

There's a simple solution. If everybody got vaccinated, there would be no more virus outbreaks.

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By this time next year, people with 5 shots will refuse to sit near those who've had jus

No, still only refuse to sit with those who’ve had zero. Those who’ve had three have shown they’re willing to make an effort.

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People afraid of the virus can triple vax, mask up and stay home, live off of Uber and Amazon and stay safe.

None of them are safe options in Russia!

Deliveries get stolen, passengers get robbed….

I really feel sorry for the people there!!!

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