Russia launches 73 satellites into orbit


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This doesn't look too good regarding the rise of space debris!:( It's time to launch multiple projects to curb the rise of space debris instead of an all out effort to reach Mars. The earth will surely exist for another millenium, but to reach Mars you'll need to clear a safe passage in order to prevent the Kessler-syndrome.

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Recently, a few explorers sneaked into a huge abandoned hangar near the Baikonur Cosmodrone - and they saw some interesting things which they filmed with their drones:

Photographer Ralph Mirebs visited an abandoned hangar near the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan

It houses two prototype shuttles that were part of the ill-fated Buran shuttle programme

This was designed to mimic Nasa's successful Space Shuttles which flew for 30 years

But after one test flight in 1988 the main Buran shuttle - and its other sister vehicles - were scrapped

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Interesting Lostrune, thanks for that. That's a hike I'd have gone on, what an adventure...

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While some cubesats are destined to be sent to the moon and to be used in missions to Mars, most end up in Low Earth Orbit, where their orbits will quickly deteriorate, due to atmospheric drag.

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I am not pro- or anti-Russian, but that is one cool shot!

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Once Trump gives him the codes to spy on the US through the US satellites in "cooperation" with Russia, they'll control everything.

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Make no mistake about it.

Its not that the wars of the future will be cyber.

They already are. You will not be able to use GPS, or many any digital transmissions, and communications, and many military weapons if your satellite is shot down.

They won't wait for another country to send up weaponised systems will they?

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I might be wrong, but I believe that cell phone GPS works off cellphone towers, not satellite.

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You are wrong

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This article says otherwise

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Oh, looks like it uses a combination of both.

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For the big picture, you need satellites. Cell towers llocate you on the map.

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cell phone GPS only works of wifi tower for better positioning and since they try to cut on costs, any gps watch or non cell device wrks totally fine with no cell towers around.

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