Russia provides air cover to Syrian opposition group


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Hi there bush.

You sound particularly threatened by the news. Putin aiding the West on their secret mission to support Daesh? WTF?

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Be very weary of the"Russian Bear", it does have an agenda all its own!!!

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Putin has been saying all along that he was looking to cooperate with serious moderates. I wonder how the West will react to Russia, Syria, and moderate rebels uniting to fight back the foreign terrorists.

Putin and his officials said before that Russia had cooperated with the FSA, but the group’s representatives have denied that.

Probably denied it because they wanted to continue getting western aid.

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Well it would certainly seem you multilogue is ready for another big fat swerve.

Syria has been destroyed. Utterly. Nobody has won anything, least of all the brutal Syrian dictator you worship.

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Syria has been destroyed.

Yeah, by foreign backed, funded, armed, and trained mercenaries.

the brutal Syrian dictator

Is he brutal? There are some much more brutal people out there who are very good friends with western leaders, so we know Assad's alleged brutally is not the real reason they want to get rid of him. And they've lied about him for years. I bet Assad is actually a really swell guy!

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Yeah, by foreign backed, funded, armed, and trained mercenaries.

Even Bush isn't spouting those lies anymore.

Is he brutal?

No. Just misunderstood. Heh. "Tough love" right?

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Are they sure they're vetting these "moderates"? How are they vetting these?

Some people believe there are no moderates.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov offered a rare praise for the U.S.-led coalition, saying Moscow is glad to see it has “intensified its activities,” targeting oil facilities

Isn't Russia supposed to be not scorched-earth destroying the infrastructure which Syria could use again once ISIS is gone?

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This has to be a positive move towards a compromise and eventual solution in Syria. Good on Putin for making this move!

Most of the Syrian refugees and Syrian opposition love their culture and country, and would surely love to be able to go back and help build a new country.

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We shall see where Russian bombs drop. Too many of them are not landing on ISIS.

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