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Russia pulls back a battalion from Ukraine border


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Japan should take back Kuril islands... deport Russians and relocate Fukushima residents who want to have new life...

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Japan should take back Kuril islands

Sorry, but the train has just left. Japan chose the side of Western Powers, by imposing ecomomical sanctions to Russians. And the case of "Northern Territories" is closed. Kuril islands are solid part of Sakhalin oblast' of Russian Federation forever. Russians seem to express respect to neighbors but they also have a feeling of respecting of themselves. As for "taking back"....Japan has neigher courage nor military power to do it by brutal force. Puppets of American puppet masters. Nothing less, nothing more....

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Russia said Monday it was pulling a battalion of several hundred troops away from the Ukrainian border but kept tens of thousands in place,

Finally, but that's only a small portion.

How long are these purported "training exercises" supposed to last anyways? Never known any planned training exercises to last weeks on end with no scheduled conclusion date.

No reason to keep that many troops so near the border unless...............

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500 troops? An April 1 joke? Does Putin have a sense of humor? - Yes, Russian humor I suppose.

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One step back, then a full rush forward! It's a land and resources grab, and no other country can do anything about it.

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In the meantime the price of Russian natural gas supplied to Ukraine has just been raise.....

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Triplex Apr. 01, 2014 - 04:09PM JST Sorry, but the train has just left. Japan chose the side of Western Powers, by imposing ecomomical sanctions to Russians. And the case of "Northern Territories" is closed.

Russia would see its geopolitical standing in Asia increase with a strengthened relationship with Japan. This can be done with or without Japan, but having closer relationship with Japan makes the transition easier and could result in a potential economic and security windfall. Until the Kuril dispute is resolved, the two will be inhibited from proceeding further. In fact, a closer relationship with Russia might help improve Japan’s ties with China and Korea by demonstrating its willingness to compromise on lingering issues from the WWII.

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having closer relationship with Japan

Business ties will stay strong despite political obstacles. Japan needs wheat and LNG and Russia will provide as usual. Political sanctions will turn out pointless and harmful, for solving a problem of Northern Territories, in particular.

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