Russia pushes Syria for reforms as bloodshed mounts


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Will they listen to Russia?? I somehow really doubt it!!

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Assad is no dummy, listen to the west and give in to rebels and you will end up like Mubarak, in jail and likely to be executed. 12 months ago Mrs. Clinton was hailing Assad, being a friend of the USA in the arab world is the first bad omen.

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Russia has its own agenda. Vetoing proposals in the UN is an old habit they can't abolish. Russia wants to maintain its influence in the middle east. They don't mind the killing of civilians but a civil war is not in its interest.

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Probably Assad is the lesser of two evils. If Assad leaves its a sure thing you will see burning American flag protests in the streets and Sharia law envoked, so don't think of Assad's action as a massacre -- its more like thinning the herd...

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Not too sure why Russia wants to step in now, maybe Presto345 is right??

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I feel very strongly that whats happening in Syria is exactly what we got into Libya to stop Gadhafi from doing. And Assad is doing it to his people, said Lieberman. The question is what do you do. One of the things is giving support to the Syrian Free Army.

The West have no idea as to what the future holds for Syria and Egypt and the rest of the Middle East. This Arab Spring uprising is not going to bloom in the direction that the West thinks it will.

This Arab Spring uprising will effect Israel.

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Why can't NATO send in forces to stop this nonsense?

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If Russia seriously gets involved, this actually could be a good thing. Sad but true, looking at what happened to Gadhaffi and Mubarak would give Assad pause to trust either the West or the UN.

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I never thought I'd ever say this, but I agree with John McCain.

Yes, the Syrian conflict might not be as straight-cut as Libya, but there was a clear reason why NATO moved in; to stop Gaddhafi from committing genocide. They were successful in doing so, Gaddhafi is dead, and good riddance. If the world just stands by and watches this atrocity unfold, it will be no better than when the UN were sitting and twiddling their thumbs while watching Rwanda tear itself to pieces in 1994.

The Security Counsil hasn't proven anything to the world, other than them being at the mercy of the countries with the most cash and the most guns. Assad has already shown his intentions, which is to wipe out every single person he believes to be opposed to him. It's time for NATO to impose a no-fly zone, destroy Assad's forces, and hopefully at the end of it, we'll see Assad suffering the same fate as the other dictators.

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Tatanka: don't think of Assad's action as a massacre -- its more like thinning the herd...

You're messed up dude....don't post crap like that on the internet.

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This Arab Spring uprising is not going to bloom in the direction that the West thinks it will.

Exactly. I think rather than bloom, I think it is going to blow up.

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@mastertigurius: the only thing that is messed up "dude" is your warped sense of empathy for a group of people that would slit your throat in a heartbeat if you didn't obey their backward laws that does not tolerate other religions, demeans women and persecutes homosexuals...

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"that does not tolerate other religions, demeans women and persecutes homosexuals..."

Sounds no different to the nuts on the extreme rightwing if you ask me.

Where is it written that the people trying to bring change in Syria are going to be like the Taliban? The Sunni's are peeved with Assad minorioty sect walking all over them. If it's fundie vs. Fundie then the opposition need arming.

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Russia and China should arms the syrian government now! The sabotages has a larger conspiracy behind, syria was attacked was her role of helping Iran!

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Every country has its own agenda, but Russia & China's agenda will come back to haunt them when the rebels finally take over.

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Russia is the major supplier of arms to Syria, so they have a vested interest. China and Russia both want the ability to crush democracy in their own countries, hence their policy of "don't meddle in the internal affairs of other countries." Assad isn't doing anything they haven't done themselves, after all.

I would rather take a chance with a democracy than I would with Assad. Sometimes principle has to outweigh fear of the future possibilities.

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