Russia says China would be needed in expanded G7 summit


Russia is not in talks with Washington about its potential role at an expanded Group of Seven summit later this year, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said on Saturday, insisting that China should also be included in the event.

His comments to TASS news agency countered those of John Sullivan, U.S. ambassador to Russia, who told RBC TV on Friday that Washington was "engaged with the Russian Foreign Ministry and with the other G7 governments about whether there is an appropriate role for Russia at the G7."

U.S. President Donald Trump has raised the prospect of Russia's return to the group, which includes the world's most advanced economies, after it was expelled in the wake of its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Trump said last month it was "common sense" to invite President Vladimir Putin to rejoin the group.

Russia had been part the group, then known as the G8, since 1997.

Other G7 nations, including Canada and France, have objected to Russia's return, however.

Ryabkov said that the absence of China from an expanded G7 summit would make it impossible to discuss international issues.

"The idea of this so-called extended G7 is flawed because it's not clear how the authors of this initiative plan to address the Chinese factor," he was quoted as saying.

"Without China it's simply impossible to discuss any issues in the modern world."

Trump in May announced he was postponing a G7 summit until September or later and expanding the list of invitees to include Australia, Russia, South Korea and India.

Australia has accepted the U.S. invitation to take part.

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"Without China it's simply impossible to discuss any issues in the modern world."

An unfortunate reality. With China expanding its global reach via its Belt and Road and other means, with the Russian Federation expanding its global reach via its Eurasian Economic Union and through sales of fossil fuels, and with Trump's USA fading fast, it could well be the world soon sees the G-however-many reduced to G2, just the Chinese and Russian empires controlling the planet. Given the two have similar political-economic systems, slightly different variations on national socialism, it will be interesting to watch whether they share.

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It is the very fact that those two nations are "expanding" and affecting and influencing the entire world significantly, that they must be included so that all are aware of and may deal directly with any misdeeds. The old saying "Keep your enemies close" definitely makes sense if you say "Keep those that affect us negatively or positively close". Like it or not they are not just affecting but influencing and effecting the entire wold.

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With all of the annexing of foreign lands going on between these two countries, Russia & China, neither of them should be allowed back in until they change their imperialistic ways.

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Trump excused Putin's Russia putting bounties on American soldiers heads, and is still pushing his political power to getting Russia a seat at the table.

The American military must respect that, yeah?

4 ( +6 / -2 )

That probably has been trump’s strategy all along.

He gets Russia in , who gets China in and all of trump’s friends are happy.

0 ( +3 / -3 )

it is possible China will join in the G7 Group which also covers both Russia and USA. Which now seem impossible. however who can predict the situation five months on or even five years on? just like nobody foresaw the situation now just one year before.

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As if the other six countries are going to let in Russia and China. I’d castigate my leaders if they did that.

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