Russia strikes Odesa, damaging museum, injuring 8


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If you turn an empty museum into a military warehouse, it becomes a legitimate target in a conflict.

You don't say? Would this apply only to Ukraine, or other fighting forces as well?

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most of the collection had already been removed during the war.

Most of…

"Canvases and paintings from the current exhibition were not damaged," he added on social media.


So, ummm, yeah… it is still a place being used to store artworks.

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Waiting for: "but it was a military HQ", even though it is far from any real front line.

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Is Putin threatened by art?

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If you read it carefully, it doesn’t say 8 people were injured in the museum. It says 8 people were injured in the attacks on the Odessa region.

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Is Putin threatened by art?

Apparently, Russia views Ukrainian statehood as something of an ‘anti-Russia’ whose very existence threatens the foundations of Russian statehood. Almost like Ukrainians are just wayward children or self-hating Russians who would deny their heritage.

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Russian strikes overnight in the southern Ukrainian region of Odesa left eight people wounded and damaged a historic art museum, Ukrainian officials said on Monday, in the latest barrage of drones and missiles.

The same story. Russians don't shoot at museums. It is not a military target. The museum was damaged by a (or two) ukrainian missle. The last night telegram (ukr sources bien sur) demonstrated some videos of explosions.

Russians could do it if they were sure that the museum was used as a store for amunition


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Today, a more exciting event occurred in the Kiev region. Zaluzhny's assistant, Major Chistyakov, died while unpacking gifts given to him for his birthday by his colleague. As a gift there were grenades. First, the grenades fell into the hands of his 13-year-old son. And it is a miracle that the father died, but not the son. What it was: a terrorist attack or negligence or conspiracy is not yet known. There are many versions.

Russia does not eliminate high-ranking Ukrainian figures so as not to turn them into heroes. This is left until the end of the war. After the war they will be tried as war criminals

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is this how UA "spring offensive" looks like?

is this how UA daily 500m "advances" ordered by Volodymyr looks like?

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KukuToday 08:24 am JST

Russia does not eliminate high-ranking Ukrainian figures so as not to turn them into heroes. This is left until the end of the war. After the war they will be tried as war criminals

That's a laugh. Putin's courts are too busy prosecuting their own citizens for thought crimes. In any event, Russia won't have any access to Ukraine's leadership as Russia can't afford total victory.

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by quick look at google maps it may take ages for heroi to "liberate" Red Square...

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After the war they will be tried as war criminals

yeah. dude, right after the mighty Russian army takes Kyiv, lol

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Missile strike on the armed militants of the 128th Brigade in Zarichne (Coordinates: 47.687592, 35.573560). Officers among them - but the commander who is speculated to have organized the event was late, Dmitry Lysyuk, is not among them (some suspect him of being in on it - He has a conviction of smuggling contraband from the LPR in 2019; thus the uproar). The number of militants killed has fluctuated downwards, but looks like 50 or over. It happened on "artillery day" ironically, and these were some of the more experienced in this area.

Video of the strike is now available to watch and the aftermath. The compound of this unit was hit and was a grouping of vehicles with two Iskander-M's. Important to consider the huge damage that contrasts with below.

Also viewed footage of the latest round of strikes on Odesa - a car mounted camera caught the "museum strike". It's obvious it's an errant UAF air-defense missile hurtling back to earth both by the explosion pattern (it was nighttime) and the minor damage. Even the photos show a bit of shattered glass and a window astray; nothing a broom and a handyman couldn't fix in 30 mins; and little to no damage to the physical structure itself whose works have been removed (so anything in the photos are duplicates or reprint posters probably placed there for dramatic effect).

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As poster Kuku pointed out the big story being reported by Ukraine media, is the death of Major Chistyakov, assistant to the CiC of the UAF Zaluzhny, confirmed by the general himself. Photos posted of a number of grenades loose amongst what appear to be "gifts" and Kyiv media is reporting "an explosive device detonated in a birthday present".

The circumstances are unclear; speculation this is part of the growing schism between the military and/or regime. It definitely looks to be an internal job; the question is whether it comes from the military unhappy with the huge casualties (thus a fragging) or a message from the political side.

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JJEToday 11:09 am JST

Better to be a "militant" than a terrorist like Russia's forces.

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nice birthday present and sure IQ of birthday man as well,no surprises that if heroi have had that professional as boss...cant win on the field..except JapanToday news where they are winning,advancing everyday and yes-will prevail :)

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Update - the story is being covered by the WP now.

There are reports of "western made grenades". The photos published show what appear to be German DM51 grenades. There is also a syringe.

Another report indicates a whiskey bottle and novelty shot glasses shaped like grenades (a boxed bottle seems to appear).

It may be a negligent accident, it may not - who knows...

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