Russia tells U.S. that Kiev must stop operation in east Ukraine


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toward its Soviet-era master Moscow rather than Europe.

I thought news was supposed be objective. Who ever wrote this is so one sided its sickening.

FYI russia has not been soviet for over 2 decades. You should stop fueling US propaganda and actually educate your readers.

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Are you seriously expecting the media to be honest and unbiased? Good luck,

Nope, just being sarcastic...especially because this is blatantly bias.

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The popular of Crimea struggled for a quarter of century to get the Ukrainian monkey off their backs, thanks to Putin's opportunism. Do you see revolts in Crimea as you do in Eastern Ukraine? It is time to acknowledge the truth. Eastern Ukraine's revolts are grata roots. Negotiate a cease fire and find a compromise. That is the only way to peace and stability.

And leave what is now Russian Crimea alone.

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