Russia voted off U.N. Human Rights Council


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Ha ha ha ah hha ha ha ha ha

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It is ironic that the countries responsible for the mass atrocities in Yemen got elected, but Russia, which helped prevent mass atrocities in Syria was not, because of helping prevent the extremists who have been holding Syrians hostage, staging mass executions, and using chemical weapons from being able to do it everywhere in Syria.

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RP- sarcasm is greatly appreciated..Russia's removal is one of the very few intelligent decision made by the Useless Nations. But wait, there is a chance NK will replace Russia. It is an authority on the subject. If Qaddafi can, Kim Can, Too. Order the bumper stickers today.

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Human Rights Council? What a comical farce. The only thing 'right' about your pathetic species are the appendages on the side of your body opposite the left.

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Seriously.....Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, all are part of it but Russia did not make it. Good Lord.....what a sham.

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These same jokers that voted in Saudi Arabia as the head after the bought up the election and now justifies its terrorism funding and human rights abuse the United Nations becoming more useless on day at a time.

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So Russia is actually worse than Saudi Arabia and Egypt? Makes sense, what an absolutely terrible country

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