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Russia wants evidence before giving explanations about object that entered Poland's airspace


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According to Russia, it was a UFO and "disappeared".

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Russia's probing NATO and Poland's air defense systems. Not good at all.

If Trump should come to power again, it's going to be like watching a loser of a checkers player against an experienced chess player.

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two pro-Russia anti-NATO posts before breakfast.

putin would be proud of you

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sure lets see evidence.

last time when "russian" rocket have landed in Poland and here we read lines that. this is beginning of WW3...all of you know how it is ended.

lets wait for evidence first.

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this is just the beginning. The more missiles Poland gives to Ukraine, the more often missiles will arrive in Poland. This is the boomerang law. Whoever gives the most deadly weapons will fly back the most. Russia does not forgive such debts, it will return them.

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lets wait for evidence first.

Where's the evidence lol

The above are mighty rich, true believers and others in cults of personality typically deny evidence if it might show their idol and their regime might in any way be in error, instead they resort to disinformation, conspiracy theories and blatant lies, then repeat them ad infinitum. So why ask for evidence?

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