Russian, Chinese bombers fly joint patrols over Pacific


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In a letter Tuesday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing was ready to "forge closer partnership" with Russia in energy, potentially expanding ties.

If it's "Made in China" it's made with Russian energy.

Who pays for Russia's war machine?

Walmart (and Nitori) shoppers

That means you.

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More reasons to decouple from China. China wants everyone to decouple from it, it's sick and tired of western corporations complaining about lockdowns etc., AND it's very frightful of democratic forces infiltrating into China and ending the reign of the CCP.

Western corporations who stay the course with China are going to be in a lot pain.

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Who pays for Russia's war machine?

Ultimately, it’ll be Russian and Chinese civilians.

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What and who are they worried about?

Commercial airliners moving people around freely?

Cargo ships moving traded goods in a vibrant Asian economy?

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I don't have any problem with military exercises between nations in international airspace.

Washington won't complain about it like the CCP babies do, but that doesn't mean they won't be paying attention. Russian pilots have been caught providing training to Chinese military for a while now. Remember seeing a Chinese fighter crash in China where locals came to help and found a Russian next to the Chinese trainee. Both didn't want to be videoed - of course, they both were and the video is on youtube today.

Authoritarian leaders have little choice but to work with each other, as more and more of the world turns against them. In the next 10 yrs, I see the *stans either being taken over by Russia or cutting more and more ties with Russia and joining the rest of the world.

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Washington has warned Beijing against offering Russia direct military or economic assistance

But the US can continue doing its NATO circus skits, pathetic..

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Those H-6 bombers are an ancient design based on the Tupelov TU-16 introduced in 1954. It is an older design than the TU-95, introduced in 1956, the Russians are flying. The Chinese still build new ones. It's like some company still building 1955 Chevys.

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This will be one of the really long lasting effects of the Ukraine war: Russia firmly alligned with China, which may very well tip the balance of power in Asia (and thus globally).

Actually the world made up of more than 37 or so countries controlled by the Anglo-Saxons. China is protecting and expanding world trade and Russia is standing up to far right neo-colonial fiefdoms who class anybody not in the group as inferior.

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both russian and chinese planes flew in international air space,so there is nothing to be "excited" about.

both countries are close allies both militarily and economically.

so its expected move as both countries are facing new situation about their own security and national interests.

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These are just media distractions from the war in Ukraine and the protest in China. Both are embarrassments for the "communist-like" countries!

Chinese bots spammed Twitter with porn, which buried news about COVID-19 protests in China, report says

People caught on to China flooding social media with porn to distract from the embarrassing protests!

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The Russians are providing the navigation since the Chinese would get lost.

The Chinese are providing the spare parts (no word on who gets to get out on the wing and change our engines on the Russian planes mid-flight).

Its a symbiotic relationship frequently seen in nature…

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I am 100% sure they don’t patrol over the Pacific, because there is nothing else than seawater and some sea creatures and fish. No, they patrol for and over something else, where they don’t belong and which isn’t their cup of tea.

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Russian, Chinese bombers fly joint patrols over Pacific:

While both may want to show their air force strength in joint patrols over Pacific far away from Kyiv, China seems to continue shunning to fight together with Russia in Ukraine.

Russia keeps waiting.

For how long more..?

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I am 100% sure they don’t patrol over the Pacific,

Lol, those distinctive sounding Russian Bears (TU-95s and TU-144s) are always out over the mid Pacific. They always came out to follow our carrier strike groups. Less frequently these toothpaste green IL-38 May patrol planes would come out for a visit.

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The Russians are providing the navigation since the Chinese would get lost.

China has BeiDou, their version of GPS. The reality is that today Chinese forces are better equipped and often better trained than their Russian counterparts. This is especially true of their navies but the PLAAF is bringing on new stealthy fighters in quantities the Russians cannot begin to match.

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They were practicing freedom of navigation in the air!

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