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Russian nationalists protest against Putin


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Putin has caused this problem unto himself. His government has had a complete disregard for the ethnic Russians, and has not stopped the infiltration of hordes from the Caucasus. I do not approve of Neo-Nazism or violence, but at this point in time, until Putin changes his policies regarding the Caucasus migrants, these feelings will continue in Russia.

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Russia for Russians?? Sure, tell that to all of the countries that the Russians have invaded from Europe all the way to them 4 tiny islands still claimed by Japan!

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and dislike migrants from both the former Soviet Caucasus states and the former Soviet Central Asian states.

Yes of cause

The rise in nationalist sentiment since the 2008 financial crisis should gather pace if economic conditions worsen in Russia, which relies heavily on oil and gas revenue, said Nikolai Petrov,

No - Russian economy growing rapidly as a result - too much migrants in big cities ....

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2 OlegekNov. 05, 2012 - 10:54PM JST

I hope when someone we build wall from Black Sea to Kaspiyskoe sea, from Kaspayskoye sea to Vladivostok.

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