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S Africa leader says Libya accepts cease-fire plan


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NATO noted that it is enforcing the no-fly zone on both sides, having intercepted a rebel MiG-23 fighter jet that it forced back to the airport Saturday.

Good!what about tanks?

A delegation of African leaders said Sunday that their Libyan counterpart Moammar Gadhafi accepted their “road map” for a cease-fire with rebels, whom they will meet with Monday.

Come on.Who listens to Africans?

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This is not going to end well. Why can't "the West" just stop interfering with other countries' problems?

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This is not going to end well. Why can't "the West" just stop interfering with other countries' problems?

I so agree but then again who will defend the defenses. Who will stand up to our principals and our faith.


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Nothing beats Africans helping Africans. Kad should retire though.

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WHEN is NATO gonna help Bahrain's Shia MAJORITY?? I'm not a big Qaddafi fan either -- he could've done things DIFFERENTLY 30 years ago & really made Libya a model country in Africa for development (even though it is the most modern country in Africa, development-wise thanks to OIL). There will be a lot of unintended consequences for intervening in Libya though. Why didn't any1 help out in Burma when all of those honourable Buddhist monks were getting KILLED?

What about the situation in Yemen & Bahrain where the MAJORITY of the people are fed up with the US puppets there??

Again, Qaddafi is no saint, but Libyans do enjoy FREE education, health care & modern facilities that are unparalleled in Africa. Why would you destroy a country in Africa when most of the other countries are relatively POOR? African Union leaders need to be more assertive & tell the West to back off, that colonial days have long past. But Qaddafi should HAVE seen this coming when Tunisia & Egypt fell. He should HAVE offered an olive branch & started a new era of power sharing.

Just my 2 cents.

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