S Africa's Zuma dedicates election win to Mandela

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The ANC is right to celebrate this victory and Liveicate it to MaDiba the first election since his passing in December. Nelson MaDiba Mandela is an example who no other leader will excel and the perfect example to aspire to. His work and example will help the ANC for generations to come, so for it they must continue with the program of lifting the majority out of poverty and providing basic amenities denied them even when the minority rulers had one of the highest standards of living in the world. Not surprisingly the ANC did drop a few percentage points but this was in the light of a vociferous campaign based around a scandal with President Jacob Zuma at the center. The DA didn't do any worse than expected with just under 23% but it is widely agreed that their power base cannot extend much more as it is largely centered in the White minority, they have been around as a party since 1999. On the other hand the 9 month old party of Julius malema called the EFF scored just under 6 and a half percent, they are expected to be the real opposition for the ANC in years to come. There is a myriad of smaller parties but none of their showings at the poll is really worth mention. All in all a free, fair and non violent election with very little rancor and fall out afterwards. All good minded people are wishing the ANC and the people of Azania - South Africa a very bright future.

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