S Korea's next leader faces escalating N Korean nuke threat


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Saying he would teach his rival some manners

That is probably not the best way to deal with North Korea's missile testing at the beginning of his 5 year term.

Diplomacy focused on a peace treaty agreement would probably be more condusive than saber rattling back and forth.

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Nothing peaceful is likely to happen when you start your presidency surrounded by US generals.

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@Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

at the beginning of his 5 year term.

Not sure it's going to be 5 years. Many are predicting he might get impeached out of office in 2 years.

Remember, Yoon is polling lower than outgoing Moon right now, and the opposition has retaken poll numbers.

There is a clear voting block shift of men in their 30s who are already abandoning Yoon and his party. Once Yoon assumes office, his poll numbers are expected to drop by another 10% to low 30s range because of daily traffic jam he would cause during rush hour, because Yoon will commute from his current residence instead of going to the Presidential Palace based on the advice of a spiritual adviser whom Yoon and his wife consult for all important matters, but this is causing 1 hour total gridlock twice a day in the center of Seoul every time his motorcade is moving.

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S Korea's next leader faces escalating N Korean nuke threat

This is the usual, age old, tried and tested headline, they've just added 2 words

S Korea faces escalating NK nuke threat

is the template


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There is nothing SK can do to incentivise NK to get rid of its nuclear arsenal. They are seeking to influence the wrong people, they need to make it necessary for China to force NK to change as they have the whip hand. SK should publicly talk up having its own nuclear deterrent and appear to be moving in that direction, this will stir a reaction from Beijing, while quietly let them know that the only reason SK has to go nuclear is the threat from the north, and without that there would be no nuclear programme, implicitly indicating it would be shut down if NK de-nuclearises.

As it stands China has no incentive to stop NK.

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Probably time for South Korea to announce it is developing it's own nuclear arsenal of small tactical nukes to be fired from artillery in reply to the Norths continuing belligerence. Not big enough to wipe out a city but enough to wipe out military formations and bases within range.

Any nuclear attacks by the North will result in the annihilation of all North Korean units within artillery range.

Dont take the rubbish spouted by Kim or his deranged supporters. Give as good as you get. Let Kim know you will return bad behavior or good behavior, the choice is his.

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Azov say they were abandoned by Kiev, while their commanders fled

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