S Korea cracks down on human flesh capsules from China


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If you follow the Korean news you would be aware that the capsules were intended for mostly Chinese nationals in Korea

I'm pretty sure most people on JT do not follow the korean news.

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From the article..

.......human flesh capsules from China ...... flesh of dead babies

I am not surprised at all, this is not the first and single case in the history when Chinese used the flesh of the dead babies and allowed it to enter the human food chain in a way or other, to politely formulate the sentence, which might be less known to the wide public.

Anyway, I will do my best to avoid all food that is imported from China especially gyoza and other food or minced meat when its substance and its shape is impossible to identify.

BTW. If anybody could tell why Japan needs to import any kind of food from China when they could get it from any other countries at any time and even not for very expensive.

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Maybe China makes counterfeit human flesh capsules by using dogs and cats. Can you tell the difference? Only way you can tell if it is counterfeit is you can bark or meow alot better at your wife or girlfriend after taking these capsules.

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It seems that some Chinese men will go to bizarre lengths to increase their virility ... seal penises, bear gall bladders, tiger testicles, etc.. I could be wrong, but I think there may be a cheaper, safer, and more effective product. What's it called again? Oh yeah! Viagara!

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“No government in the world could possibly understand the Chinese government for letting such an inhuman practice go unpunished,” it said in an editorial.

Be on the lookout. The next pill is going to contain powder of people that made pills with powder from babies.

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I have first read the reports on this matter maybe two weeks ago. In the report, the custom agents discovered such smuggling of illegal substances from china via chinese migrant workers who come to s. korea to temporary work in construction sites and other hard jobs. it is not certain whether a majority of buyers of these substances are s. koreans for consumptions (i assume carefully that it is consumed mainly among chinese), but i know for sure this isn't the mainstream behavior in korean society as this is not the culture/custom belongs to the society. this is utterly disgusting no matter what nationality people involved in this heinous crime belong to. god i hope authorities find these people and prosecute them hard.

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Traditional medicine is evil. It doesn't even work, except as a placebo. The world is also losing its most exotic and majestic animals, thanks to these evil-doers.

If you're sick, take modern Western medicine. It's effective, cheaper and doesn't require the murder of living beings.

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Pure horror. I can't imagine reading anything more terrifying than "humans" mail-ordering baby powder for consumption. Another hint that a world without "humans" might be better off. This story makes me sick.

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Lol, one person asked. Where their getting the babys. Lol well, the chinese do abort a lot of female children. So they can have strong males lol.

Really this industry must not take off anywhere. Because should the demand Grow and the supply see a low then the forced action of dealers may put A pricetag on peoples children. Born unborn.

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Reading this article makes me wanna throw up.

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""at the request of customers in South Korea""

If you follow the Korean news you would be aware that the capsules were intended for mostly Chinese nationals in Korea. There has been several prior incidents involving medicine made from human body parts in China. This is the first time something like this happened in Korea.

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Yes this is gross and suppose the stories of fetus soup must be true as well. This has grossed me out!

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Wow some people need to take a look in the mirror, how can you call yourself an intelligent animal when this happens in the world.

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You have got to be [EXPLETIVE DELETED] kidding,.

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I first read about this horrible pratice a few months ago but i thought it was an isolated incident. Seems not. There really is no defence for this... barbaric behaviour. Sometimes i really do wonder what century we are in.

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I have often heard that there is nothing the Chinese don´t eat, but really did not expect it to extend that far. Eek.

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Okay, just when I thought I had heard it all... This has got to be some sort of sick joke. "Hideous" hits the mark squarely.

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Obviously the dead babies and fetuses are from China's "one child" rule along with tons of abortions. Good old China, always coming up with more sick ways to make "folk" medicine. Can't break superstition until people gain knowledge, and then some wisdom to control that knowledge. I would also think the S.Korean's would know better too. China is no surprise, but S.Korean customers???? Why don't they start taking baths in the blood of young virgins next to reverse their aging or eat the brains of their enemies to gain strength? This shows what true ignorance and lack of some common sense can influence.

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Not sure why everyone is pointing just their fingers at China when it is clearly the Koreans who are interested in buying this crap. Cannibalism?

Where are the babies coming from? I have no doubt most of them are poor little girls killed by their family for being the wrong gender. Just disgusting.

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Not a headline I was expecting to read today...

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This is very, very sick, twisted, messed, horrible, I have good friends both from Korea and China, I am sure both are ashamed to know about this stupid idea of making pills from dead HUMAN babies.

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Koreans outdid themselves! - from dog meat to baby meat! Chinese, on the other hand... no surprise there.

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Is there anything the Chinese wont eat to improve their"Health". Their insatiable appetite for obscure health giving body parts has led to the decimation of the Rhino and Tiger populations of the world, now this. Medieval medical practices like this will lead to foetus farming by the sort of people who think it is OK to add melamine to milk to make a profit.

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Dead babies were did they get them from? Most shocking story for a while.

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wouldnt be surprised if most pills were fake too

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It's China. I am not surprised.

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