S Korea holds massive new drills after North attack


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If these two nations would just agree on a border you wouldn't have all this foolishness.

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One shouldn’t be surprised if the North Koreans have a little Christmas surprise in the works for South Korea.

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This show of force is a bit too little too late. SK should have responded strongely when the north shelled the island.

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I don't blame SK for taking an aggressive stance. They've had to accept a lot of rubbish from NK for a long time and have been very patient in the name of peace. Now it seems it's had enough. As to the nuclear party talks which aren't happening, NK must be really pissed it can't get it's winter food and oil supplies from the West like it usually does. I suspect their belligerance lately (including the shelling of SK last month) was bluster to get the West to the table again to appease them and get those much needed supplies flowing in once more. If so, then it didn't work. It will be a colder and darker winter than usual in NK this season, I predict. How about burning a few pictures of Kim to stay warm, hey?

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They need to use the North Koreans as live targets. Give them time and things will only get worse. Attack them before they get more nukes. Things are only going to get worse.

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NK threatened a "holy war" in response. Who writes this stuff?

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"NK threatened a "holy war" in response. Who writes this stuff?"

Or who translates it.....

How can communists have a holy war? Unless Elvis thinks he's the messiah or something, then matters would seem worse....

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paulinusa at 12:21 AM JST - 24th December "NK threatened a "holy war" in response. Who writes this stuff?"

Same folks who declared that lighting a Christmas Tree was a provocation that could lead to war.

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