S Korea introduces 'Gangnam Style' tourist police


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I thought in the "artist's" actual own words he "wanted to look as ridiculous as possible" in that clip?

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Great idea! This on its own will encourage people to visit Korea.

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A police branch there just to assist tourists?? With things like cabbies over-charging?

Call me a skeptic, but there has GOT to be a catch. We will see in time just how much the tourist gets scrutinized with demands like "Show me your passport" and "What brings you to Korea?" and "Why are you bothering our fine cabbies?".

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Oh dear...this is just daft.

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Well, helping out tourists who feel they've been ripped off isn't a bad idea. I don't think anywhere in the world does that.

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I thought that fad was gone for quite some time now...

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Call me a skeptic

You're a skeptic.

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It's all very camp. Are they targeting the Pink Won?

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If you KNOW anything about South Korea, regular Koreans do respect their police and I remember a few stupid Korean taxi drivers trying to over charge me going back to Kimpo International Airport, I would just say oh, now you want to charge me double what we agreed on?? I said, I will talk to the Korean POLICE and I had taxi drivers just say, ok, ok, FREE and leave running for their lives because they are so afraid of the POLICE!

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Maybe Japan could adopt a similar system? But instead of young, attentive and helpful officers like the Koreans are choosing to employ, the Japanese could employ gruff, overweight men who are more likely to catch coronary disease than a criminal.

Oh hang on. We've already got them.

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Well, maybe it's a good idea. I guess if the uniform conveys authority it doesn't matter what it's based on. Having multi-lingual cops is a great idea. I could relate a story about a lost and drunk gaijin and the J-cops in Sagami-ohno station (wasn't me! I rescued the guy from a trip to jail) but it's too long to type.....

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Yeah... milk it for all its worth!

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Be a tourism cop and you too can be a one hit wonder.

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