North and South Korean troops exchange fire along border


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Not the time for WWIII, thanks.

Can they at least wait a few months?

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Dialogue, folks. Always dialogue.

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Dialogue, folks. Always dialogue.

With the Trump admin on the ropes and under so much pressure from all sides because of their ongoing failures, with an election coming up, let's hope dialogue, even just more photo-ops remain the approach taken by all sides. No wag-the-dog to distract.

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This has been happening for years, what's new?

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Currently we do not know if this was a deliberate act by the North Korean government or an unfortunate accident (in which case god help the unfortunate soldier). Hopefully some one will pick up at the other end of the hotline and the situation will be de-escalated.

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These type of brief shooting incidents actually occur relatively frequently.

Have never heard anything from the North's side, however regarding ROK troops I was told by a South Korean uni student who had finished his military service that sometimes the commanding officer of a unit will grant leave with privileges if a ROK troop manages to snipe a NK soldier...and that sometimes they are pressured into 'proving themselves.' Of course officially, such incidents never occur.

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Moonbloom where would you ever hear anything from the North's side?

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Earlier this year, North Korea carried out a slew of missile and other weapons tests, but they were short-range and none posed a direct threat to the U.S. mainland.

I don't think many Japanese people will sleep better at night knowing that if they get bombed in their sleep the US mainland would be okay. Not everyone is an American!

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It would be good to know the truth of what happened. In the past, there can be no doubt that the North has attacked Southern forces just to see what happens.

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Incidents have happened for years. A Korean immigrant in the US who had completed his obligatory military service in SK told me in 1980 that firefights, booby-traps and casualties were common.

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I have seen a theory that Kim deliberately hid away and put out the story that he had died. He wanted to see who would try to make a bid for power. And now he is back with a vengeance and a bloody purge is expected shortly. Today’s shooting was ordered by Kim to demonstrate that he still had control of the army.

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Communist Chinese regime Mao Tse Tung is responsible for the Korean division. Now China has to put up with the nuclear armed North Korea and I hope the Chinese regime falls apart too.

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Toasted Heretic - Dialogue, folks. Always dialogue.

North Korea has been having an on-going "dialogue" with the West/U.N./U.S./South Korea since 1945. After 75 years of never ending "dialogue", it appears that N Korea takes the term "always" quite literally. The Korean War/police action has never actually ended.

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Just a lover's spat folks, nothing to see move on.

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Not the time for WWIII, thanks.

Perfect time. WW1 ended because 26million soldiers died from Spanish Influenza. Impossible to have WW111 when the most advanced aircraft carriers are sitting at home crewless.

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