S Korean leader calls for Chinese help to punish North Korea


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S Korean leader calls for Chinese help to punish North Korea

Wty not address directly to Japan?

Brilliant idea!

South Korean leader is a such Korean...

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But China is still seen as reluctant to clamp down on the North in part because of fears that a toppled government in Pyongyang would see millions of desperate North Koreans flooding across the border with China and a U.S.-backed South Korean government in control of the Korean Peninsula.

The second part of the sentence has been the most salient geopolitical fact for East Asia for the past 65 years.

All else is commentary.

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Now is not the right time to be sabre-rattling. China has big, big economic challenges right now so they really do not have the time for this NK/SK political chess battle.

NK is very smart about their timing of these events. If only SK was smart enough to brush off these events and look at the big picture like China does.

Best position: NK, SK worst position: China best move: China Worst move: SK

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So the US backs South Korea which is on friendly terms with, and is a major trading partner of China. China backs North Korea which constantly talks about nuking the American Imperialists, Sorry but the US backing of South Korea and US troops there doesn't justify North Korea's attitude and behavior.

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Justify? This is not about justification. It is about power.

A nation like China or the US will never permit a client state of another great power on its borders. China has that power. A united Korea with US bases would be that client state.

The failure to appreciate something so simple is dangerous.

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The Chinese should also apologize for coming to the aid of North Korea during the Korean War, if they hadn't done that, we wouldn't have had to put up with all this misery for the past 65 years.

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It is our leaders responsibility to dream, dream on, and persevere. "Show me the yuan, let's talk." It takes a special personality to accept and continue.

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