S Korean police storm compound in search for ferry owner


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 “Our church will give 500 million won for those who reveal the truth behind the accident,”

Creepy. Yes the government / justice ministry is acting with shocking haste in prosecuting the case, before even trying to establish how much of the accident is attributable to greed and corruption, but for a "church" to be trying to use money to further influence the situation, creeps me out.

Give yourself up, Yoo. Put yourself in your god's hands and face your accusers.

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SK justice. 6,000 cops?

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Corrupt guy hides in religious facility, so how many times has some one hidden behind religion?

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Not a good idea to mess around with the Korean police at the best of times, this is a case of "off with their heads", ala the Queen of Hearts ! Good luck on getting a fair trial !!!!!!

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Sheesh. Several thousand cops for this one guy. Sounds like Madam Park has the wardrums going.

Also, WHY is she personally calling the shots on what should be a purely judicial matter? A politician??

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Shows how powerful some dodgy religions can be when the cops think they need 6,000 officers for a raid on one complex.

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6,000 that is SIX THOUSAND! Really!

How many police officers went after the licensing/inspection department that turned a blind eye on this guy and many other captains practices? They share guilt also.

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grandstanding as usual SK style

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SK justice. 6,000 cops?

Given how angry the public rightfully is about what happened, I don't think the police had any option other than to respond with what appears to be 110% commitment to finding Yoo.

Still, 6000 cops seems like overkill. Who was patroling the streets while this raid was happening?

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I used to live in South Korea and one thing I know, once you get them pissed off, there is No telling what could possibly happen.

Here are some of the far out things you can expect once they're angry. That's why I'm not at all surprised that they doubled up on the police raid.

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