S Korean president revamps cabinet after ferry tragedy


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Many Koreans want to get out and come to the States, Australia, Canada and Japan. I can see why. CORRUPTIONS.A

There are no hope, no dream and no future for a younger generation of Korea unless they have money and connections for upward mobility. Well, all these past Korean politicians have been using Japan as a scapegoat to keep Korea in check. The truth is Korea is still a "developing country" and they are still in PURE capitalism without social infrastructure.

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it can't get more funnier is it?

What in the world this SK president is thinking?

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@ mickeyhouse - Getting "funnier"? It is never funny when the topic is the death of almost 300 kids. Rest in Peace - and may those responsible be brought to justice.

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These changes are "confusion-ism" at its best! Let me see, I will exchange a apple for a lemon when in fact you need an apple!! What kind of thinking is that!!

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