S Korean president says scandal 'all my fault and mistake'


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She definitely gets my respect.

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More accountable than Hillary OR Trump

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From what I gather from TV reports from Seoul, many South Koreans are not happy with Park because she did not apologize for all the problems surrounding her and her friend. She merely explained what happened ... and the citizens are demanding much more than this ... something like a heartfelt apology. Surely she will be under even more pressure to resign ...

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It is unlikely many Western people can appreciate the subtleties of culture and history in this story. The Far East has a long tradition of spiritual practice and reliance on sages analogous to our own Western leaders reliance on Billy Graham. In some countries, such as China, the indigenous and historical spiritual traditions are either outlawed or de facto outlawed. The principles of freedom of religion and cultural celebration we take for granted in the West is a source of political conflict in the Far East.

Also, notably, the cultural place of the woman in Asian society is highlighted in this story. Few in the West could imagine a Western female politician acting in such a contrite and submissive manner over her exercise of religious freedom.

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analogous to our own Western leaders reliance on Billy Graham

LOL, no wonder the country went to the dogs!!

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5% approval rating? I'd say it'll be goodbye Ms. Park sooner rather than later.

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I am very sorry for Mrs Pak, the president of Korea, surely , any human beings needs a good old friend if I was that friend, I will commit suicide instead of betraying my long time friend for money. WHY does her so called friend not commit suicide before being arrested ???.But in this case not only her close friend but all those kind of only money minded people if there are those that lived without conscience. What is happening in this world ???.

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Only Hillary Clinton has a lower "approval rating" than Park Geun-Hye. -Both should step down and aside.

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