S Korean safety official commits suicide after concert tragedy kills 16


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This really isn't the way to take responsibility, and yes I know the same thing would happen in Japan.

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The final nail in the coffin of Park's administration!

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The tragedy continues.

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He would have eventually been paraded in front of the media and his option of suicide was his way out. Sorry for his family and the tragic incident.

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-People where standing right on the flexing grating.

-Earlier videos shows people staying away from the grating, but amassing around it.

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“The show host repeatedly told the spectators to come off the grate but no one paid heed to the warning,”

Sad that ignoring warnings cost them their lives. Of course the organizers should have taken it further and made it inaccessible.

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The show organizers are to blame. What use is giving repeated warnings which were ignored to stay off the grate? They should have stopped the show until the grate was cleared. If people continued to go back to the grate , end the show.

Not much different that those sad situations where a nightclub flouts safety standards and a fire ensues. It's not the patrons' is the nightclubs.

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this is not reflecting very well on the general safety image of S. Korea towards the world, first the ferry incident now this....

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Not much different that those sad situations where a nightclub flouts safety standards and a fire ensues.

I will have to respectfully disagree with you here. In this case, the fans were repeatedly told to come off the grate, but chose to ignore those warnings. As tragic as this accident was, I'm afraid the responsibility lies partly with them.

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