S Korea's Lotte family owners go on trial for graft


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S Korea's Lotte family owners go on trial for graft

Really? Using a term like 'graft'? It's just as well the crimes were outlined in the body of the text. Come on JT, we're not all Americans and we don't all know US slang.

Amazing how a company known for confectionery can be linked to a missile defence system.

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175 billion won ( $155M ) is one h*** of A LOT of chewing gum ! Wow !

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Maybe different in Japan now but Japanese large companies stockowners did not allow owners' daughters to work for the companies.

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Serves them right to be punished for getting in bed with China in the first place. Recall China started the entire Pacific incursion by building man made islands under the guise of peaceful research yet they have instead militarized and hence forced its neighbors like SK to take its own measures to defend itself. China should learn to keep business as business and not mix politics with business.

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Seems S Korea prosperity will be over now. Just Hyundai is left.

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If China removed Lotte, perhaps Korea could ban imports from China. May not hurt China as much as the US banning such, but would send a message and prop up businesses in Korea.

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