S Korea's next leader to abandon Blue House for new office


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Relocating the presidential office was one of President-elect Yoon Suk Yeol's main campaign promises.

what a nice job to have

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In the late 60s, there was a NK assassination team that left the DMZ and came to about 100m of the Blue House. Quite a few people killed but they the threat was foiled.

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The current location is filled with so many interesting stories in Korean presidential history.

Try to watch these films starting from "The Man Standing Next", then "A Taxidriver" (Korean), then "1987 when the day comes", then "Inside Men" and "The Spy Gone North" to understand Korean history of Blue House.

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He promised the electorate he would move office at a cost of $41 million plus. What an electorate

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Darned if you do, darned if you don't. Critics say the Blue House is excessive, extravagant, and cut off, then they so the move will be excessive, extravagant, and there are more pressing matters, and will criticize him for not fulfilling his election promises if he doesn't.

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Almost no President of South Korea endup in good term, arrested for various crimes,exiled,suicide and assassination..etc.

Much of it was related to the bad luck like a curse from "The Blue House"! Actually it was a very creepy place!

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One of the big head scratchers for me is why so many South Koreans choose to live so close to the North Korean border. I read a statistic that about half the South Korean population lives within range of North Korean artillery. Huge apartment buildings with tens of thousands of residents per building within artillery range of the north. I know Seoul was an established city before the Korean War but considering the danger why do people stay? It also seems like it would make sense for South Korea to move it's capital further south, someplace more easily defended.

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what a nice job to have

I don't know if I would want it. You get pulled every which way by competing interests and It seems like the next stop after the Blue House is a court room followed by a prison cell.

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This guy "Yoon" won't last very long, he won with a margin of less than 1%, his wife made fraud education background, they were not honest people. And he is known as the "Donald Trump" of South Korea, an amateur politican!

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