S Korea to freeze new THAAD deployment pending probe


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I wonder how many environmental impact studies NK does?

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Well if South Korea dont want them Tell America to move out and let the North Koreans Take over with out a war and let the objectors take the risk of being rounded up and shot just because they come from the south Korea where the war was fort for by the west so they could have their relative freedom. Then so be it

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Hey Ron, I hope you know that SK's military alone can handle NK's.

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Ron was just getting to the good part about hunting bar and mule deer at the age of four. Someone had to put food on the dang family.

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maybe a north korean nuclear test and Twin aircraft carriers at the same time will accelerate that probe

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THAAD will so soon THAW when the North just happens to lob a missile a little to close to the South. Let the games begin.

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"Hey Ron, I hope you know that SK's military alone can handle NK's."

Actually even with a US presence there as is, they will be nothing more then a speed bump. NK has so many key targets already in their sight it is not even funny. Now after the dust settle and SK allies come, that would be a different story. But so too would China.

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These THAAD batteries protect not only South Koreans, but our troops who are stationed there to protect South Korea as well as allies like Japan. If South Korea wants these defensive capabilities removed we should pull out all our troops, suspend all military aid, and wish them goodbye and good luck. They dishonor all those Americans who sacrificed themselves during the Korean War.

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