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S Korea urges doctors to return to work as protests continue


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The government has repeatedly claimed the mass resignation is unlawful, and has threatened to take legal action against those involved, or cancel their medical licenses, Yonhap news agency has reported.

Sounds like a great way to further increase strain on the medical system in Korea.

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Seoul says it has one of the lowest doctor-to-population ratios among developed countries, and the government is pushing hard to admit 2,000 more students to medical schools annually, from next year.

That would seem sensible and justified.

Doctors have voiced fierce opposition to the government's plan, claiming it would hurt the quality of service.

How would more trained doctors "hurt" the quality of service? That position makes no sense.

Proponents of the reform say doctors are mainly concerned reforms could erode their salaries and social status.

Now their objections make sense. It is simple greed. It seems they do not have their patients best interest at heart. I would not want a doctor striking to keep doctor numbers low and service poor. How awful for the people in South Korea. Perhaps you lock a few up in minimum security holding cells until they return to a sensible position. Right now the Doctors are in the wrong!

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