S Koreans burn Kim's photo as N Korean band leader passes


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Was she not a x of the dear leader? Thought she was caught making naughty movies and executed?...

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Difficult for an outsider to comment, even though we are invited to do so, but this is fascinating to watch.

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To burn an effigy of a certain guy who hates Palestinians is maybe OK, but a very serious attempt to stop a world nuclear war, with both nuclear and thermonuclear weapons...these people should join Nippon Kaigi. Oh wait, they also hate...

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Burning photos, flags and effigies is nothing new. Tearing down statues, blowing them up, even throwing shoes. All been done before.

The interesting take on it is which is acceptable, and which isn't.

In this case, it's probably not helpful - I doubt if the artist concerned is there to promote juche or DPRK superiorority, she's just representing her country.

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I think that's a very bad move.

The hole point of the regime's doctrine is to say that South Korea and the US hate the North, and are preparing to invade.

One way of fighting the regime would be to show that it is not the case, by welcoming visitors from north korean, and treating them with respect, while promoting reunification. In this case, NK athletes and cheerleaders would come to the South, and see none of what they were told back home. Then, they go back and, well, people talk...

This kind of action is just giving weight to Kim's propaganda.

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This lady is no shrinking violet. They've been picked to go because they get the daily indoctrination and they are judged hard-nosed enough to brush off anything the south can show them.

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Glad to see not everyone in SK is a moron like Moon and his traitor friends in government. They won't show the burning on TV in NK for obvious reasons, but hopefully that image of Kim burning was seared into the minds of the NK agents sent into the South for this farce of an Olympics

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Any government that attempts to stop or punish people for burning effigies of dictators (or lawful leaders, for that matters) or flags deserves to be absorbed by some hellish dictatorship... Or should, at least, come out of the closet as seeking to appease or openly join with the evil tyrants of the world. South Korea has at best ever been a difficult attempt at democracy, but they have tried, which is better than the Putins, CCPs, and NKs of the world. To in any way prohibit South Koreans from openinly showing contempt for the horror and evil that is NK is abominable. The people issuing orders to prevent protests and the police who enforce such orders should cross that little bridge in the north and officially join up with their dear leader.

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Not at all irrational or provocative.  we always claim DPRK is nuts  but seems that acting crazy and stupid is common to some folks in both North and South.

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Good for these people, there should be more of this type of dissent.

This artist is not a representative of some country. She is agent of an oppressiv e regime. The same regime that assianates, kills, bombs, terrorizes, kidnaps, hacks, and much more with inpunity.

They are not there to share culture, they are there to spread the leader’s ideology.

I hope theres is more of this type of protest and I hope it makes the Moon administration worry.

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The best time and place for this type of protest, increased exponentially in size and depth, is during the Olympics. Peacefully, though. At this time, I'm concerned things could be a bit hairy. And I'm not watching, anyways.

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we always claim DPRK is nuts but seems that acting crazy and stupid is common to some folks in both North and South.

Of course burning a picture of a guy is so much worse than mass starvation and forced labor camps right? Kim Jung Un just murders people he doesn't like, but these guys are completely evil for setting fire to a piece of paper.

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Great description, dozens of 'conservative activists'. Dressed in suits and ties.

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According to Yahoo and Jiji, the North are now furious over this incident and are threatening to boycott the Pyeongchang games. They are accusing Moon of being soft, and demanding appropriate punishment.

I wish they would make up their mind. The world has been bending over backwards for them so far.

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They are accusing Moon of being soft, and demanding appropriate punishment.

The North wants protestors to be thrown in prison, but hey, the North's not so bad right? As long as you don't do or say anything at all that your glorious Great Leader might not agree with. But hey, reeducation is like free college or something right?

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Sorry, that comment wasn't meant towards you, just me commenting on the ridiculousness of people wanting to believe North Korea is just misunderstood.

Really, why is there no 'edit' button here?

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