S Korean ruling party wins parliamentary majority

By Jung Yeon-je

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The Beginning of Communism.

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Korean Netizens and Korean Government are equally powerful in their country whereas in Japan, government is too powerful than the public.

So whichever party wins in S.Korea, public still remains equally powerful, thus the country is going stronger. It won't ever happen like in their 1980 route.

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"in person" voting too. Congratulations to South Korea on following through with a fair and honest democratic election.

Turnout was 66.2 percent, higher than any parliamentary elections held in the South since 1992.

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It’s as if the South Korean government actually wants people to vote!

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Bottom line is Moon's government made the people's welfare its main priority during the outbreak, and acted quickly and decisively in providing widespread testing for all people in an accessible manner. Moon's party earned the votes of its constituents through positive action, not by lobbying well-placed, selected 'friends' with hanami parties paid for by taxpayers' money.

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certainly. and they set up a system that allowed everyone to show up in person safely to do so. They were rewarded by the largest turnout since 1992, the article says. So in person voting is both safe and effective.

It’s as if the South Korean government actually wants people to vote!

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that is serious dedication by the poll workers on behalf of fellow citizens, I hope to see this model followed in all other countries. I have heard that up to 47 countries have delayed some elections during these difficult times.

Those found to have fevers cast their ballots in separate booths that were disinfected after each user.

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The Beginning of Communism.

If only.

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> of course I am.

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The only one laughing and enjoying this outcome is NK's Kim

Let the placating begin

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As expected the Coronavirus gave Moon a huge push but look at the votes:

Popular Vote:

Moon's Democratic Future Party: 33.4 %

Opponent's United Future Party: 33.8 %

Given Seats:

Moon's Democratic Future Party: 180 (!!)

Opponent's United Future Party: 103 (?!)

What a crooked system! No wonder South Koren citizens are tired of it. At least what I heard last time I visited friends in Seoul - which was early December.

Just some examples of the poor system: Moon's party got 51 seats alone in Gyeonggi and 41 in Seoul by a minor constituency margin and the opponent's party only got 7, resp. 8 seats there although the popular vote was 33.1% vs 33.2% in Seoul and 31.4% vs 34.7% in Gyeonggi. In both Chungcheong provinces it was even turned upside down, as was the nationwide outcome! On the other hand, other "democracies" have the same type of system. One of the biggest also made the loser by millions president.

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