S Korea says Pompeo complained about inter-Korean military pact


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This is a KOREA issue. Trump has already kissed Kim's fanny so Pompeo has no right to say anything.

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I hope I'm wrong but it seems more like the DPRK is working to weaken the ROK than it is to pursue peace.

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The cracks are starting to appear. Trump's the president, it's all on him.

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If S. Korea lets its guard down by completely dismantling the DMZ, then it really is time to the US & UN to get out. And if the N. Koreans should launch an all out invasion of S. Korea, then let the S. Koreans defend themselves this time.

Maybe there will come a time in the future when reunification is a possibility, but that time is not right now. Before reunification can happen, N. Korea will have to raise its own standards while at the same time S. Korea will have to lower their own standard.

Good fences make good neighbors.

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Never too late, Pompeo. Speak-out loud.

Moon regime of South Korea is a cheer leader of save-Kim-movement. ( kim: kim jung-un)

Kang, counter part, is a propaganda voice of Moon regime.

About time to deal with Moon's double agency behaviour. Traitor of free-world.

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Moon regime of South Korea is a cheer leader of save-Kim-movement. ( kim: kim jung-un)

Don't forget Trump's cheerleading.

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"Moon Jae-In", the president of south Korea loves Communism very much, he is born in North Korea! And he sent two former presidents to jail due to their hard line anti North Korean stance!

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